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'Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.' (Timothy Leary)



Keep this in mind when we talk about female superiority:


In the US between early 2002 and end 2010 nearly 11,000 women were killed by their intimate partner. (Possible some women were killed by their female partner but there are no figures of.)

In the same (even longer period) the number of US deaths due to terrorism (9 September 2001 included) and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: about 9800.

Women also sometimes killed their male partner, but figures show that this happened up to 10 times more as a result of self-defense.

And be sure, we realize that women are strong in psychological warfare, but according to us, this is no excuse and many should begin to think about the naked numbers. By the way: about India, African and other countries where women rights are a fraction of those in the US, we have no data.



Can women save our future?



Women once stood above all living things on earth. The gods were simply goddesses. And how incredible as it sounds, it seems that those goddesses really have existed. For 20.000 years (from the first sign of real consciousness some 32.000 ago until 12.000 years ago) you donít see any credible picture or sculpture of a man.


After the mega disasters the super human disappeared and nature took over. Men became the leaders and women became just good enough to bare children. An injustice that dragged on for many thousands of years, and still continues in many countries. So forgive us if we give you the impression to set up women against men. It's not what we want, but the truth has its rights.


Some studies now show that men generally are more intelligent than women. Something that apparently has to do with their larger brain volume. Although other, more credible studies, conclude that brain size has nothing to do with wisdom, maybe a word that has a larger impact than intelligence.


One cannot deny that intellectual development for women over many millennia was a taboo. It would therefore be a miracle if they were as intelligent as men today. But what do we see? Women are as smart (we even think smarter) than men. It appears they have more brain connections. And it looks those connections are the key to wisdom. They would even contribute to the development of a subatomic particle in our brain that -perhaps- we could describe as the soul.


A -more or less- pure soul brings empathy. A trait that cannot come from planet earth. Look around you. Animals are eating each other in the most gruesome ways. They donít have empathy. Empathy does not exist on planet earth except in humans (and a little bit more in women than men).


Men are more egocentric (sorry guys). Look at all statistics of crime.


Men are better in focusing. Something that gives them a questionable advantage. Because the different regions of his brain communicate less with each other, they can focus better than women. Women then again can do several things at the same time. The cause of the differences, according to speculations of science, we find in natural evolution. Men in prehistoric times did have to hunt, and focus, while women didnít need to focus but could do several things while men were doing what nature obliged them to do: hunt.


Of course we cannot blame scientists when they are searching for answers. Only we donít need to believe all they are saying.



Why women are superior to men.


Long-term studies, including at the University of Valencia, have shown that women typically have more empathy than men (Spanish Journal of Psychology 2009, vol. 12 No1 76-83). Earlier studies had already shown that they have more guilt feelings. Further, they are more spiritual and above all: they can be a fairer judge. Empathy, conscience, sense of injustice, respect for all life, spirituality (even paranormal abilities) ... it are values which fit women better than men (generally spoken). Men are -generally- more focused on personal power and prestige.


From small acts of violence to murder, with everything in between: men commit appalling more crimes than women. They blame their testosterone levels (the so-called male aggression hormone). But it is very questionable whether pedophilia -one of the crimes where they are over represented- has to do with testosterone. Committing crimes seems rather motivated by a shortage of compassion, a shortage of guilt feelings, and an excess of egocentrism.


Egocentrism is clearly ruling the world more than 6000 years already. The cruelty committed to gain power by all civilizations is indescribable. Also today cruelty (mental and physical) still is a way that leads to money and power. But those who think that now is more worse than (let's say) in Roman times: they think wrong. It goes the right way no matter how many cruel things still happen, prior times were far more barbaric.


Compassion and guilt feelings -two superior gifts of humankind- are described as soft. A shame of course. But since on planet earth all that counts for living things is power, itís no more than normal most of us see compassion as soft. And if our leaders would not intervene by an invisible hand, compassion would disappear. Something great prophets have warned us for.


Since women have more compassion, they must obtain the right to take part in politics and elections all over the world. And although they carry their mother instinct, it should not surprise us if more women than men are willing to take the most necessary step: Stopping the population growth by birth control.


It speaks for itself that in order to safeguard women's rights a fair democracy in all countries of the world should be a given fact.


Although the technology of the future will allow earth to carry some more billions of people, we'd better focus on quality rather than on quantity. In other words, there are enough people on this planet. Let us not make more, but better people. Not power or prestige, but making a 'righteous child' should be the highest goal. More: it should be the only thing that really matters, no matter how soft this may sound. And itís up to women to take the first steps to make this come true.


To encourage men a bit: many men Ėthose you donít hear- are thinking like women. In fact, to give these silent sufferers a chance, leaders (even on a local level) should be highly gifted -note that a high IQ is not enough to be highly gifted- (and we opt for more women than men to rule). Itís time for a change.


[Read this and make your own conclusion.]


Highly gifted and sensitive people have higher IQ, have more empathy, a strong urge for justice, greater perseverance, they are more spiritual, donít prefer personal power nor material things ... Now you donít see them much at the top because they turn their backs to hypocrisy and intrigue. On the other hand some people with an extremely high IQ seem to have little empathy and no scruples to reach the top. Problem is: its very difficult to see through them.

Leading the world in the right direction is way over our head (of course) so we count on the real leaders of this world to do the right thing ...