EVA WAS EERST Women on the moon


'One small step for a woman, one giant leap for mankind.'


It could have been … but Houston must have had a problem …



Women on the moon?



To be clear: There were no women on the moon.


Although tests were in favor of women, women were not allowed on the moon. In spite of the fact they had little or no problems with iron in their blood, decalcification of their bones, breathing ... In spite of the fact they are smaller (mostly), so they take less place, are less heavy, produce less waste products and need less oxygen …


Sovjets brought the first woman in space (1963: Valentina Tereshkova).



A stamp from 1963 of Tereshkova.


Popularity of space travel went through the roof. And of course the USA could not fall behind. They had very ambitious plans with women in space.


Though Valentina had been a little sick in space. She had encountered strange things. Apparently her helmet was to heavy. (Strange because a helmet has no weight in space.)


Fact is that Sergei Korolev, the most famous man of the Sovjet space program, said that women were unsuitable in space.


What had happened in reality?


We don’t know.


Update Mars 2017: Please see this just as an intermezzo. It’s only one of the articles that made us think it all over.


Update Januari 2020: Helen Sharman, the first British human in space talks about aliens. Because of her experiences in space she is sure about the existance of aliens. Even more: she thinks aliens could be living among us at this very moment, but it is possible we cannot see them.


We must say that the latter is a very bold saying … that comes close to our theory that aliens are consciousness clusters …


Sharman stayed eight days in Space station MIR in 1991. She did an excellent job. Though in 1992 and 1998 she was refused to go a second time in space. It became awfully quiet around her. We think that her interview with The Observer on January 6, 2020 will not change that much.



We must dare to ask ourselves: why ‘they’ were so reluctant to let woman become real astronauts?


Is it because women are more sensible to paranormal feelings? (With adjusted selection criteria they must be able now to select the right women, so we think the future of women in space is not that bad.)


Or is it because ‘they’ didn’t wanted too much popularity?


One woman on the moon would have spiked popularity in the USA to an unprecedented height.


Note that some are saying that the reason why the Apollo Program stopped was due to the lack of popularity …


About Valentina Tereshkova.


PS: We regret we cannot find the sources anymore about the words of Korolev. So you have to believe us ... or not. But you will have to admit that the facts themselves tell a strange story.