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Tunnels to the light


Can electromagnetic waves carry the soul after death?


Wormholes exist only in theory, but the day that scientists observe them in reality is probably not so far away. It would be a kind of tunnels formed by a magnetic force. A travel route for the soul to reach unknown distances. They are made from a material whose existence actually has yet to be proven, but which is making them tangible nor visible, trillions of times smaller than an atom to countless times wider than earth, infinitely far away to infinitely close. In short: This goes beyond our imagination.


Although we think that it must have something to do with time. Maybe time is a kind of medium in which a mind (in this case a soul) can travel. Just by remembering things our mind seems to travel into that special kind of world. Maybe just a little preview of the world we will encounter after death …


The individual soul creates its own worm holes through which it reaches the great white light (the UFO that is capable of so much more).


The statement that the soul after death travels through a white tunnel comes from the oldest religions. And now these statements seem to have a scientific backing, if you are open-minded about it.


In their desperate denial of death, believers cheat themselves. That is (was?) what most scientists are saying. It is the same science that ignores the paranormal, but in the meantime they experience with frequencies and mind blowing experiments.


But we will have to wait untill the last stubborn scientist has died before a new vision can get a chance. That’s a well known quote from someone whose name we are forgotten. But we believe in it.


At least some scholars are admitting the ‘light tunnel' can exist.


It’s something that will make a lot of scientists choose the site of the believers.



A painting by Hieronymus Bosch (1450 - 1516): Ascent of the blessed. The tunnel to the Light is not an invention of people with a near death experience. (source: Wikipedia: public domain).