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This chapter is a long one, you could see it as an apart entity. We claim that our moon is in fact a displaced planet. A planet that is 'placed' there to help us -humans- survive in one way or another. No doubt in our mind that our moon will be inhabitat by humans. Maybe that is already a fact, but if not, it will not take that long before it will be the case. Question is if we, ordinary citizens, will know the details.


Our view about our moon must be a crazy one to many, but after all that view is not important to support our main opinion: extra terrestrial beings visited Earth in the past.


Note that if so many believe that Jesus ascended to heaven you don't have to be ashamed if you too -just like we do- believe our moon could be a displaced planet. Don’t believe too fast that something is impossible. And above all: Think for yourself.



First ...



As we said, this is a chapter about the moon ... but because the moon played (and still plays) a role in our belief that extra-terrestrials shaped the human being, we sometimes take a step aside ... Earth must be a very hostile planet for any extra-terrestrial being. Bacteria, viruses, gravity, sun rays, oxygen and other ratio’s ... an extra-terrestrial intelligent being would feel very uncomfortable on planet Earth. Astronaut suits would be absolutely necessary. No doubt there are pictures here on Earth of figures that look amazingly well like ancient astronauts. Life in an astronaut suit however must be very unpleasant. So if you want to thrive on an hostile planet you must find a way to get rid of that suit. And probably the best choice would be to genetically manipulate a living being that already lives for millions of years on that hostile planet, and 'transplant' your consciousness - your soul - in it. All problems solved ...


Let us assume that humans will be able to transfer their consciousness (our soul) into another living being within 500 years (some scientists claim that without ethical rules this would have been possible already). What would we do if we, 500 years from now, suddenly discovered life on another planet, life that is far behind us on an evolutionary level? A plausible answer: we would transplant our consciousness into a living being of that planet and dominate all other life on that planet.


By the way, we don't think that our geniuses -some of them are intellectually not so far behind our creators in our opinion- will ever be able to 'create' life. They will be able to manipulate it (some of them are already doing that). Maybe someday humans will be able to transplant their consciousness in a robot. But transplanting it in another living being -let us not think about ethical rules for a moment- would be a far better choice … At first sight … Because ... if we would do that ... we would make the same mistake our creators did ...



Theories about the origin of the moon



Until the late seventies the 'fission theory' was commonly accepted as an explanation for the origin of the moon: ‘When Earth was still a spinning sphere of lava, a part broke loose and became our moon. ' The theory was full of flaws, so there came another explanation: ‘The moon was once a planet that due to natural circumstances came too close and was captured by the gravity of Earth.' A theory that showed as many flaws as the first one.


Unlike other moons in our solar system, where there is sometimes more than one acceptable explanation for their existence, every theory about the origin of our moon seems fundamentally impossible. The main reason? Earth is simply too small to 'capture' or 'reject and hold' such a large moon in an almost circular orbit.



A summary of other theories.



In 1976 the impact theory emerged. It took a long time, but now this theory is seen as the official explanation.


According to the impact theory the moon arose from a collision of an immense celestial body (called Theia) with Earth.


(Theia stands for the mother of the Greek moon goddess Selene. Again a reference associated with Isis -mysterious hints to Isis are everywhere-.)


NASA seems to ignore all obstacles of the impact theory.


However the obstacles are huge.


One of the stumbling blocks? The ratios of oxygen isotopes of Earth- and moonstones are identical, while it’s clear now that an impact would have mixed everything in a disproportionate manner.


Other elementary stumbling blocks:

-Earth never had a magma ocean, however a necessity for the impact model;

-iron oxide content of the moon (13%) is exactly between that of mars (18%) and Earth (8%), while it should have a bias toward Earth’s content of iron;

-other ratios Earth/moon, including those of rubidium/cesium, contradict the impact model;

-an impact provides an abundance of heavy elements sinking in the soil. The moon doesn’t has that feature;

- ...


So the oxygen ratios are only one of the obstacles, but it’s one that NASA could counter. So they focus on it.


According to Dr. Robin Canup (Southwest Research Institute, Colorado) who is involved in a number of NASA projects, the (almost) identical ratios are explained as follows: The 'impactor' (Theia) was simultaneously formed with Earth and followed an orbit for hundreds of millions of years between Venus and Mars. Than a collision occurred 'Because otherwise the planet could never have become our moon.'


What an extraordinary explanation and that, in order to eliminate only one obstacle. (We think our explanation really is less farfetched.)


Is there something wrong?


Hard to say, but recent studies revealed something else. Namely that 'official' moonstones’ resemble earth's stones a little too much. Something that emerges from next clip. (The clip is but one of many. On You Tube one can follow the entire series.)


You can also skip the clip. (We regret that you will have no other choice because we discovered on 23 December 2013 that the fragment has disappeared from YouTube.) You can believe us: Summarized in a few words it said that besides the oxygen isotopes there are much more ratios identical.


Some say they try to confuse us deliberately: ‘Some researchers who asked for moonstones, got ordinary stones from planet Earth.'





2014-01-08: Youtube if you were not an eye opener to us sometimes, we would not love you so much! Because fragments seem to come and go. We save ourselves the trouble to change our text again. You readers, for sure, will understand.



A surprising moonrock story



In the past, Americans gave many (alleged) moon rocks as a present to friendly countries. The Dutch State Museum got one in 1969. The Dutch assured the stone for $ 60,000, rising to $ 500,000 systematically with the years passing. In 2009 it became clear that the stone was a product of planet Earth (value negligible). A lot of money wasted, a massive reputation dent and countless visitors cheated for forty years, but the Dutch didn’t needed excuses, they stated: ’It was funny.‘


We see nothing funny about this.


We only notice that our real rulers are anxiously watching moon stones. (Leaked undercover operations speak for themselves.)


And from time to time they (order to) launch new theories about our moon.


On August 4, 2011 we read: 'Earth first had two moons.'


To make a long story short: the discussions about the origin of the moon are endless. And the real rulers like to keep it that way.




Riddles about the origin of the moon



In 1970 two scientists, Michael Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov from the Soviet Academy of Sciences, came to the conclusion that the moon must have been placed where she is now. It was the only possible explanation to accept the idea that a small planet like Earth could have such a big moon. They soon were called conspiracy theorists … magic words that can break the best scientists ...



We know extremely little about our moon. If we are to believe official sources, one has only scratched the moon surface (so to speak).


That we think there are traces of extraterrestrial visit on the moon, should be clear after reading this website. But there's a lot more: and we have the impression that scientists are not allowed to do everything to solve the mysteries.


-There is no credible explanation for the moons origin, so close to planet Earth;

-How did our small planet could force such a gigantic moon (proportionally) to an almost circular orbit? In fact, a pronounced elliptical orbit would already be doubtful;


Just to give you an idea. There are -let's say- 178 moons in our solar system. Ganymede (moon of Jupiter) is the biggest one. She has a diameter of 5268 km. Our moon 3476 km. Jupiter has a diameter of 142.984 km, Earth 12.756 km. The biggest moons measure less than 5 percent of the diameter of their planet. Our moon nearly 30 percent. (Pluto and its moon Charon are so far away that any comparison is excluded. They are the only ones whose proportionality relative to each other outdo that of Earth and its moon. But they are circling around each other, both with the same side directed towards each other, as a 'double-dwarf planet'.)

-Why the moon's orbit deviates so much from the equatorial plane of Earth?

-Why does Venus has no moon?

-The moon is exactly at the right distance to cover the sun completely. What is called an unlikely coincidence;

-Why she has so many mascons (craters with concentrated gravity)? (Some claim that a number of those mascons have artificial characteristics.)

-The moon always stands with the same side to Earth, this is called: 'tidally locked'. There are many questions about that phenomenon. Other moons in our solar system are also tidally locked, but their home planets are gigantic and have so much more 'power'. Anyway, this point is in fact superfluous because if Earth could not have been capable of 'holding' its moon, tidally locking it is out of question;

-If the moon for hundreds of millions of years slowed down earth's rotation, why Earth still rotates around its axis so fast?


In addition there are the questions that were raised previously on this site and are only indirectly related with this specific chapter:


Why tunnels and underground spaces on the moon get so little attention? Why are there no computer-controlled moon robots (by analogy with the mars robots) to find the tunnels (a question of difference in temperature above/not above a tunnel), analyse rocks, make close ups, etc...? Why superpowers -let’s say it like it is- seem to be afraid to put foot on the moon? Why NASA is so reluctant about Tower and Shard (located in the Sinus Medii region)? Why photos have to be censored anyway? Where is the long promised moon base? ... [Update 2013: the Chinese yutu rover became after 40 years the first rover that landed on the moon. The operation ended in a more or less mysterious failure. The rover explored only a fraction of the moon surface.]



Airbrushed photos?



Note that there seem to be a lot of structures on the moon. Plenty of photos are suggesting that. Also scientists must be baffled by so many strange photos, so they will keep on searching for explanations. One scientist may have found a solution for a so-called tower. (Please make your own conclusion.) With 'Google Moon' 'they' let us believe that now everyone can explore the whole moon surface. Strange that the so-called towers we found all seem to have the same smooth unnatural appearance. As if the pictures were manipulated. If this is the case it would be no surprise to us because all pictures from the moon are coming from NASA.


In the second fragment below you can see a few 'smoothed' towers. Pictures we think are manipulated by NASA. (On Google Moon you can see them too.) The fragments are in fact testimonials. To us they seem credible, but please judge yourself. Keep in mind that -truth or not- these people will be made untrustable by some. But keep also in mind that what we officially know about the moon is certainly not the whole truth ...





Other riddles?



In the 19th century astronomers and geologists believed that practically all meteorites ever reached planet Earth came from the moon. Volcanoes on the moon were responsible. At least, that was what scholars thought. Later it became clear the moon has no active volcanoes for a billion of years. Nevertheless it was sure that moon rocks on Earth, especially in desert areas, must have been numerous. Hundreds of millions of years of meteors and comets hitting the lunar surface, had scattered space with stones. And the Earth’s gravity, combined with the short distance moon/Earth, had ensured a steady rain of meteorites on Earth. At least, that was what scholars of a slightly younger generation thought.


NASA knows very well the difference between real and fake moon rocks. So let us assume that about the number of moonstones on Earth they are sincere. At the end of 2010 there were 134 moon rocks (about 50 kilograms).


Why have hundreds of millions of years of impacts on the moon yielded such a small number of moon rocks on Earth?


(If the moon is what we think she is, than it's no coincidence that the number of moon rocks is roughly equivalent to the number of mars rocks found on Earth.)



(The link we placed here referring to a summary of lunar anomalies doesn't work anymore, so feel free to do your own research on Google, DuckDuckGo ...)


Greek and Roman authors speak about people that lived before there was a moon in the sky. An Earth without the moon? Furthermore, in Tiahuanaco (Tiwanaku, Bolivia) they found characters telling us about the arrival of the moon (approximately 12.600 years ago). Problem is that nobody seems to claim the translation of the characters.



Life on Earth does NOT need the moon



Does life on Earth really needs the moon?


In each presentation we hear that the moon is essential for life on Earth. Therefore she always must have been there. Here too, however, we must speak of an enigma. Because, why are there so many blind followers of that idea? After some research, it’s clear that the simple models are not quite that simple.


Without the moon tides will be smaller and it will be usually much darker at night. If the moon would suddenly disappear, Earth's rotation would sputter and/or Earth’s axis would maybe get a knock. Result could be climate change and many disasters. But life would continue, probably after a setback. There would be seasons and Earth's axis would still wobble. In fact: All planets in our solar system wobble. It has something to do with gravitational forces that are working in on each other. Even the so-called 'precession' -see later- would probably continue. Nobody seems to know exactly how it all works...


Special astronomers dare (somewhat) row against the tide. See: http://sten.astronomycafe.net/faqs/


The conclusion we make from various 'guesses': The value of the moon for life on Earth is grossly overrated.



The moon once was a planet that followed its own orbit around the sun



The moon is so close and yet she is one big mystery. So big that some began to think 'outside the box '.


Nobody can explain how it is possible that the location of the moon can be where it is now. That should be clear. Nobody knows how she is formed. To us that's a fact too. She even could have been formed after an impact with Mars. Unlike Earth, Mars has an obvious gigantic magma ocean, something that points to a giant impact. And the iron oxide content of the moon's regolith resembles that of Mars' regolith. All in all it seems that our moon looks more to be coming from Mars than from Earth. But to be clear: in this context that doesn't matter.


Can our moon ever have been replaced?


Admittedly, this is a risky question. (There are more to come.)


Should our geniuses today be able to replace the moon? Who knows for sure?


She has remarkably little mass. Something that made us think she may have been deliberately hollowed out. It could explain the vibrations after some Apollo landings. As if the moon was ringing like a bell. Besides, there may have been more than one reason why our visitors could have hollowed out the moon, but we won't get into that.


Moreover, Tower and Shard could hide a technology that, utilizing the many mascons, can influence gravity. (Or does the Tower has a destination that pushes even more the imagination and is he -as many believe- a kind of signpost for the soul?) Anyway: at the current pace of technological growth, in about two hundred years -a negligible period- we can’t exclude anything. Not even the signpost destination.


The idea that our alien visitors with anti-gravity and other superior technology, moved a small planet (the moon) is after all not so crazy. As with so many things that are being reinvented, we are not surprised that some people today already ‘invented’ a way to move a planet. A surreal dream according to many, but we cannot deny that some scholars are making theories about it. Apparently Nicola Tesla thought he could use planet Earth as a space ship. (See 3th paragraph of the article.) Anyway there are lots of studies about how to move a planet. See: https://buildengineer.com/www.paulbirch.net/MoveAPlanet.pdf

We suspect Tesla knew about secret knowledge so his idea could have come -like so many other ideas- from our creators.


In addition to anti-gravity there is also a far less controversial way (we know about). The asteroids method. Earth or moon-grazing asteroids could take the Earth or moon in tow (so to speak). So one must be a little stubborn to say that the possibility of displacing our moon is technically impossible. As a remark we like to add that the moons of Mars (see below) happen to have been good candidates to move the moon. Those so-called moons even may have served multiple purposes ... like the mining or space station probability. Little sophisticated space stations built into gigantic asteroids could be the best solution to precisely drive celestial rocks ... or even the moon ... By the way, the grooves on Phobos, for one reason or another, could point to a 'towing project'.


If a displacement of a small planet by extraterrestrials once took place, it could solve all mysteries about our moon.


Why the near side of the moon consists of about 31 percent of ‘seas’ while the far side merely consists of one percent seas? Besides, the last one has much more craters.


That Earth is protecting the near site against comet impacts is not a valid explanation. Researchers now think that the 'heat-producing elements' of the near side have created the seas, or that the 'two-moons-theory' can help explain. At the same time they admit they are facing an enigma.


If our moon once was our natural neighbor between Earth and Mars, it would explain everything. Mercury and Venus rotate but very slow around their axis. In an orbit between Earth and Mars our lighter moon would possibly always have faced the sun with the same side. Result: many craters on the far side and a fairly intact, solidified looking, near side.



Just a remark: Venus’ temperature is about 500 degrees Celsius. Comets make more shallow craters on Venus because the melting surroundings have time to fill the crater more or less. The same thing could have happened on the moon. Venus has a thick atmosphere that slows down a lot of comets and asteroids, but the heat itself of Venus plays also a big role in the shallowness of the craters. By the way, if once our moon was a separate planet with one side directed to the sun, the temperature could have been much higher than 500 degrees, for sure in the early days of the planet. So the scorched side would not be a surprise. Added to that: the sun would have probably intercepted a lot of comets and asteroids. Doing so she protected one side of the moon much more than the other site of getting hit by comets or asteroids.


One of many sites that clearly demonstrate the relationship between hot temperatures and shallowness of craters.



The winged messenger of the gods



Mercury was the 'winged messenger of the gods' in Greek mythology. As you will remark further, that name fits better with our moon. And although the name was given by the Romans, supposedly because of the speed at which the planet revolves around the sun, we know that already before Plato there were people with secret knowledge. Meanwhile, we know that the real rulers always have liked to play (name) games. But they are prudent for millennia. We also remain prudent. But the striking resemblance made us think that maybe they once thought to name our moon 'Mercury'. Only they concluded: ‘Better not’.


Was Mercury once the moon of Venus? We think so. Just like our moon originally was the moon of Earth (or Mars) but with a very eccentric orbit, later escaped (just like Venus' moon) and just recently was brought to planet Earth by our creators. Only, she has been put in a very special place, a place she never could have reached without help from above.




Left: mercury (diameter: 4880 km), right: the moon (3476 km diameter). They resemble extremely well. (Photo: Wikipedia)


An anecdote in between



In 2009 an article appeared in an internet newspaper that referred to statements of great scholars: 'If aliens ever arrive here, it will be on a planet. In order to avoid destabilisation of our solar system they would have to leave their planet somewhere between Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud. Instead of their planet they would have to place a giant spacecraft in an orbit between Earth and Mars. So they easily could visit Earth with more conventional spaceships.'


By the way, great scholars took for granted that a planet inhabited by aliens could come from everywhere -even from outside our solar system-.


In 2013 Scholz's star system was discovered and we have to admit we didn't even had a clue something like this was possible. But in the mean time it has been proven that there are wandering star systems. Systems which cross space without playing by the rules and which -by doing so- are passing very close to other systems (like ours). One of those systems has brought our consciousness to planet Earth.


To make it easier to us (and you), and because we believe that Scholz's star system was really an excellent candidate, we have chosen this system as our primus inter pares. (But we don't exclude another system.)


All in all we now think that those scholars were very close to the truth. Although they may not dare to share our vision. After all, in 2009 they were only just fantasizing.


Responses to the article were welcome.


We were eager to give our opinion. Our response: '12.600 years ago a dwarf planet was taken out of its natural orbit around the sun between Earth and Mars and became our moon. All the work was done by extraterrestrial visitors. Before that our moon followed its own orbit around the sun and served as the gigantic spacecraft between Earth and Mars.'


We didn’t mention our opinion about how logic it is that aliens never would land (to stay) on Earth because of so many problems (gravity, atmosphere, viruses, etcetera ). During the time she followed her own orbit, she could have been the laboratory of our creators, the place where they transplanted their soul in an earthly female body to make it possible for them to survive on Earth.


So, all in all we tempered ourselves.


What turned out? Our reaction was banned, while comments like 'I send my mother-in-law to go and see’ were published by many.


Tried three times to get our reaction published, without result, and without explanation from the moderator. Apparently moderators of internet newspapers see us as idiots (we hope we are normal citizens). In short, we don’t like moderators anymore, but they have led us to the point that our unpublished response has grown to the size of an internet book. Or how a small incident can be a reason to start writing. Albeit we try to stay modest because we experienced that writing is a job too hard for us.


It must been said we had no scientific basis that could support our vision. Until we stumbled on a brief communication from the Harvard University proving that astronomers (there are indeed multiple) are thinking there is a planet missing between Earth and Mars. Just one of the many weird findings that we think is related to our moon's history. We know many articles about a missing planet between Mars and Jupiter, but about the chances of a missing planet beween Earth and Mars you almost never read a word ...


About Dimitris Christodoulou, his publication list and curriculum vitae.


December 2011: a You Tube clip hits the news: 'a spaceship as big as our moon is hiding behind mercury.‘ Three million viewers in a few days. Finally one will see the fault in the NASA photo. Yet discussions reveal that scientists think that spaceships as big as our moon could exist. And that people all over the world are very interested in the alien issue. This could be an extra indication that the moon is also more popular than they let us believe.


(You already noticed: in fact 'spaceship moon' is not the best title for this chapter. Our moon is rather a ‘caravan moon', a 'lifeboat moon’, a 'protector moon' or a 'guardian moon', but we choose 'spaceship moon' because it sounds better.)



Big question: Where is the moon in ancient paintings?



Before the mega disasters (until thousands of years later) the moon was never depicted.


A fascinating and mysterious celestial body that changes shape and is childishly simple to be painted, is nowhere to be seen in any picture older than say 8000 years.


Why the first cave painters apparently ruminated about animals is indeed a mystery. But they made countless drawings not limited to animals, in places far outside Europe. They made a lot of strange patterns, they painted dots as it were stars and star clusters. (It would make sense if they represented stars simply by dots.) The Sun was a (concentric) circle. Also fairly logical. But where is the crescent moon? Sure, some could say they painted the crescent moon as a half circle. Only a crescent moon is not a half circle. She has the shape of a hemisphere. Something incredibly easy to draw for a great artist. As a remark: It is strange that little attention has been paid to the investigation of the (concentric) circles and their possible meaning, although they are remarkably common. We think those circles represent the sun and not vulvas as some claim (where do they get it?). In Newgrange (and others), the so-called tombs are full of concentric circular patterns, and those tombs appear to be devoted to ... the sun, according to scholars. A logical conclusion since the buildings clearly have an overwhelming relationship with the solstice. A good site that shows that not only 'we' are 'searching'. See: http://jimmurdoch.com/2019/01/16/the-new-grange-mystery/


Thanks to the moon humans could hunt at night, they could travel or flee ... The moon must have been a 'God Gift' to them. But still they didn't picture her. Come on.


Our ancestors had a keen interest in the night sky. And they thought symbolic. The chances are large –húge- that they had painted the moon as a half moon ... if that half moon would have been there.


Some claim that so-called lunar calendars have been recovered, which show the lunar cycle. But if one observed the moon that closely, then it becomes completely incomprehensible why no one ever painted a crescent moon.


Many scientists state that 30.000 years ago some ancients were real astronomers. A statement that makes sense. Someone who creates great works of art, has a great intellect, thinks symbolic … will be fascinated by the night sky … and the phases of the moon. The most obvious and most fantastic conclusion, is that they saw no moon. (Something the rulers of this planet know ... but they count on conspiracy thinkers to break the ice.)


Archaeologists are desperately looking for the moon in prehistoric art. So desperate that they assume that the moon must have been a bull, while certain constellations then again were other animals. Very acceptable prehistoric people invented the zodiac.


But if they did so: why didn’t they painted a crescent moon? Not once, but tens of thousands of times?



An explanation could be that Earth’s atmosphere at the very end of the Pleistocene was too thick to see the stars nor the moon. If that is true, then we have to look for another explanation about the clusters of dots or about the predecessor of the zodiac. Although, we searched the whole internet, we didn’t even find a clue about a possibly opaque atmosphere of earth during the past 50.000 years (however we personally do not rule out a short period of darkness, because of -let’s say- the result of a comet impact).


A few websites that could be interesting: There are ways to find out what the atmosphere looked like millions of years ago. So we think one can also find out how it was in the period from 50.000 years ago until the time of the mega catastrophes. We think that during that time undoubtedly people could see the stars. Probably there was a period when there were much more clouds than we see now, but that is not the point.


An article from Nature





Conclusion: The letters of the following question and the answer should actually be sky high.


Where is the moon in pre-megacatrophic drawings? Answer: she was too far away to be seen.


5000 years after the mega catastrophes suddenly the moon is there. And in roughly 5000 more years she’s a worldwide symbol. But for more than 20,000 years before the mega disasters, an endless time frame -so to speak- a time where painters painted animals like animals, stars as stars, the sun as the sun, a time they made countless depictions of people (women), they never painted the moon as the moon. We must ask ourselves -despite the taboo- how is that possible?


We know we keep on going. But that’s because we are astonished. Therefore the characters of the following question should be actually sky-high.


Where is the moon in drawings before the mega disasters? (Answer: She was too far away to be seen.)



Update: December 2019: After so many years our site exists, we lost our focus. But from time to time the moon gives us a wake-up call. So HERE you can read an update. Updates, we realize, we are making far too few. But fighting against windmills is very exhausting. Hope you understand ... We do not fully agree with the atricle, but it is worth reading. Don't forget to read the last sentences: 'Nights were real nights at that time, and Paleolithic people certainly had deep insights into what was going on in the sky' says Mr Harald Floss, an anthropologist at the University of Tübingen in Germany who studies the origin of art. “But I would not risk saying more.” ... As if Mr Floss seems to think: nights were really dark at that time ... We know there were no city lights and maybe he was just joking ... but even with city lights nights are very dark in many places on Earth ... when there is no moon. And what to think about the last sentence? 'But I would not risk saying more'. A famous anthropologist must certainly ask himself the same question as we do: where is the crescent moon in prehistoric paintings? Does Mr Floss speaks cryptic language ... or not? Maybe 'saying too much' would make Mr Harald Floss a conspiracy theorist. And everybody knows what happens with the credibility of such a person ... Further about the article: we are not convinced (to say the least) that 13 dots had something to do with the moon, as we are not convinced that the horn the stone image of a woman holds in her hand is in fact a reference to the moon. Please give us a break



The moon was used to cause the Flood



The deluge, the disappearance of Atlantis, Göbekli Tepe, the Clovis culture ... Does the moon lies at the base of the mega disasters? Did our creators realized that their original good soul was degenerated? That on planet Earth everything is infected with ‘evil’ because evil is an evolutionary necessity for all living beings on planet Earth ... and in fact is nothing more than egocentrism.


Was the destruction of themselves and their creatures part of a sophisticated plan?


We’re not going to explain our moral thoughts on good and evil. And we hope you will excuse us for repeating ourselves in our site: We love animals but they have no soul. They have only the germs of a soul that on planet Earth never could have developed. Animals are not evil -in the moral sense- because they don’t know the difference between good and evil. Humans do, because humans are partly animal and partly higher being (although the proportions vary from person to person). That higher being is like a built in quantum computer in our DNA that replicates itself with humans.


Did they put the moon in orbit around Earth and did they wiped out a mistake to give a chance to a 'new' human being? Did the gods destroyed themselves and sinful humanity -their mutant creatures- because they saw that all went wrong? Did they experimented too much with life on Earth?


We don't want to get non-believers a heart attack but even the revival of some dinosaurs could have been on their agenda, just like they are on the (forbidden) agenda of our geniuses today. Ancient texts and pictures demonstrate that people once walked with dinosaurs. And we think that really could have been the case more than 12.600 years ago. Although it seems impossible to reshape T Rex , some scientists think it could be done, and since there are so many things that first seemed impossible ...


Besides: Spoken about non-believers, we respect their meaning, but some of them have really hurt us on some internet forums. We have a pretty good skin -maybe a bit out of fashion- but we have our limits. So we hope some of our opponents are for some reason or another not capable to respect the meaning of others. No offence, but we had to say it.


Did they realized the offspring of a mutant (depicted as the Venus figurines) born in the south of France had spread to much? Did they selected people to survive somewhat everywhere on earth? Were there Noahs in multiple places? Were there gods in multiple places? To us the answer each time is yes. Plato seemed to be convinced, Bulwer-Lytton gives a lead, and the oldest myths leave little doubt. They may be myths but those of the most ancient cultures show remarkable resemblances. Because of that we conclude that the gods have selected some people to survive the Flood in several places on earth. The gods also seem to have had different shapes and forms depending on their location, but so it goes if you experiment a little bit too much.


Fact is there is a giant gap between the mega catastrophes and the first civilizations (like Sumerians). Is that gap caused by the crossbreeding between selected survivors and others (which were not selected but survived against all odds)?


We think so.


HUMANS DON'T FIT ON EARTH. A lot of people must realize this. Human consciousness -the human soul- is far too evolved. We accept that 'consciousness' and 'soul' are not exactly the same. Animals too have a sort of consciousness. They are aware of certain things. You can discuss about it but we see the human soul as incomparable. To say the least.


Where else can human consciousness come from if it was not implanted in a human creature by the gods? Only ... something went wrong ... not only we (crossbred species) make mistakes ... the gods made them too .... they underestimated the conditions of life on Earth. They must have realised that the 'struggle for life principle' ... in other words 'the bad' that lives in every human being (in some more than in others) is too strong. The unnatural dominance of their creation would destroy all other life on Earth ... so they opted for a radical measure. They destroyed themselves and their creation. Knowing they could not wipe out every 'mutant' of their creation, they knew that their history would repeat itself. Therefore the gods left some vital information behind. The survivors would eventually discover that the moon is not the natural satellite of Earth, but rather the ultimate centre of knowledge, the ultimate spaceship, caravan, lifeboat ... the best vault ever made ... all intended to guard them. The gods left us messages on earth but the moon was their superior locker. Nothing would destroy their message and humans who would reach the moon would be clever enough to understand. (Of course we would like to know the god's messages, but that's wishfull thinking. Although for some reason or another we have the feeling that the Georgia Guidestones give us a clue.)



The real rulers know the truth



The very small number of real rulers know the message. Therefore we think they are much more humble than most of us will accept. But what can they do? Telling the truth would mean chaos. There has to be a group of leaders with superior (extra terrestrial) knowledge and power. If not, our world would soon be overwhelmed by evil. Those who think that it can't get worse than it is today, have to think again. Those who think the world is too bad to bring a -good- child into are wrong. Slowly but surely the world becomes a better place. The impression some have that now it is worse than ever is because we are aware of what takes place through the media. Intolerance and cruelties are still abundant. But in the past it was far worse.


After death immortal souls unite. They become part of an unimaginable plasma life form (UFO). (But that’s an item of another chapter).


Some know the fundamental truth, but they hide her behind a provocative symbolism. Read the book 'The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital', ponder the Georgia guidestones, see the mysterious bound with Bulwer-Lytton and his Vril-ya (who curiously lived just like the guidestones orders). Why did the moonlandings stopped? Novus ordo seclorum (the other side of the seal) ... the freemasons ... (Bulwer-Lytton, the author of 'The Coming Race' and an icon of the nazi's and their extra ordinary knowledge, was a Rosicrucian. R.C. Cristian, initiator of the guidestones, apparently Christian Rosenkreutz, was the founder of the Rosicrucian order, George Washington ... just until, of all people, Buzz Aldrin ...). The signals one day will be so abundant that even the greatest sceptics will accept the truth.


But at the moment 'they' are still hiding the so-called smoking gun. 'Tell the truth sideways because she can be devastating.’ However, there are truths which one better denies. Nonchalantly, to allow some doubt anyway, so the shock that must come sooner or later, will be less devastating.



The gods were feminine



It is plausible that a creature far more evolved than a human always is a female. (At that point we probably would call it genderless.)


So this subtitle is a little bit misleading because the gods that -we think- came from Scholz's system were genderless. Although we believe that our alien visitors had no problem to genetic engineer a male, we believe they preferred women. Maybe because women looked a little bit more like them. Less aggressive, less power-minded, less sexual behavior, more careful, more caring ... and maybe to some extent easier to genetically manipulate.


Men, please don’t panic but it’s written in the stars. Future will make us superfluous, because the Y chromosome is disappearing.


Did Isis -Isis as a collective name for all mother/moon goddesses- sacrificed herself for 'sinful mankind' hoping that consciousness would survive and grow (arise), but then again in a form which this time did match conditions on planet Earth? Did 'Isis' hoped the new human would not make the same mistakes because of the knowledge the gods left behind? By means of the mega catastrophes nature (partially) has been taken over control of the gods. Men came out of the shadows some 6000 years ago, about the time of Genesis.

Note that the name 'Isis' in some cultures very much seems to refer to the name 'Jesus'. Note that Jesus died for sinful mankind. Note that He Arose, that He preached love and understanding … even for our enemies. Note that His character resembles Isis so much that we dare to say that Jesus was in fact Isis. But in a world dominated by men, where women were no more than slaves, the Great Leader could not have been a woman ... but a Man. (May God forgive us if we are wrong …)


Genesis 1:27 God created mankind in his own image ... male and female he created ... go and multiply .... and rule over the animals ...


Above we said that nature 'partially' took over control after the mega catastrophes. That's because nature could not completely wipe out 'the good' in the creation of the gods. Needless to say that we believe that women generally have more of that 'good' in them than men (if you don't believe us, just take a look at all kind of crime statistics). They have more compassion, are less egocentric ... This compassion or even altruism has nothing to do with mother Earth but has everything to do with how the gods created us. Time to realize that women in general still possess -a (little) bit more than men- a trait (compassion) that doesn't come from planet Earth. We are happy to add that we think that everyone -there are always some exceptions- has two counselors in his brain. One that says to act 'lovingly' (inspired by the gods) and one that says to act 'self-centered' (inspired by nature). The choice is ours.




1250 BC: Isis gives the ankh cross -symbol for resurrection of consciousness- to Nefertari (photo: Wikipedia).



Things screaming for an answer



Numerous things about our moon are screaming to be solved. That is not a coincidence! Sure that the real rulers know the truth, but they don't want us to know it ... yet. For every anomaly our real leaders have an explanation. Not so difficult to fabricate one if you have all the information. And if their explanation falls short, there is always the trick to sow doubts on a problematic item.


Just an example of one of their information packages: ALSEP



By the way, if beings like us with comparable material once landed on the moon one can easily confuse us about the origin of some mystery object (because one can say 'It is a left over from our previous missions'). But to us -after a lot of research- some objects or structures on the moon are from an ancient civilization ... from the gods. There are many anomalies but as an example we show you just 10 of them.



Did the gods knew that humans 'one day' will have to look for another home planet?


Earth is plan A for humanity (with many thanks to the technology of the gods that must curb the dangers Earth is facing). But you never know.


So Mars is plan B (they say). Our moon is off-limits because she seems to be private property. But what if within twenty years -it can also be tomorrow- following sentence hits the front page: ‘NASA has discovered a giant planet in our solar system that with a little adjustment of greenhouse gases can be made habitable’? (Waiting for another passing Scholz's star system is something for the long term ... very long term.)


Update; September 2018: Planet X for as long as we remember a haox according to NASA, now appears to exist. Correction, scientists are for 90 percent sure. (We believe our real leaders are sure for 100 percent.)



Many of us don't want to know the real rulers of this planet are making survival plans on another planet while we are watching our favorite numb making tv programs over and over again. (No offence because it's all in all not such a bad thing to do.)


One thing is for sure: if humans have to decide to live on another planet (Mars, Planet X or Y or whatever you want to call that planet), then the moon has to play a major role. If not as a spaceship, caravan or lifeboat, then surely as a launch platform.


High technological power placed on the guardian of planet Earth can protect us.


We believe the so-called tower and other technology on the moon:

- acts like a kind of HAARP, probably also a technology from the gods, that -so they say- can influence minds. Hence the consciousness problems of astronauts on the moon? Hence the consciousness experiments? Or do we really have to believe that only Mitchell did those experiments? He has a lot to lose, even after his death, so he knows when to stop talking. (But still he's a hero to us.) Hence the possibility that UFO's can influence our minds? (Let's face it: astronauts on the moon behaved very strange afterwards.)

- can create plasma balls;

- brought the moon where she is now (with electromagnetism and anti-gravity ... an operation guided by converted asteroids);

- can guide or destroy incoming comets (a laser works pretty good in a vacuum);

- can influence temperature (because chemtrails are not the only way to do so);

- and yes, we believe that in the future it will even control earthquakes and volcanoes (in particular by controlled lava release);

- ...



Why the Apollo landings stopped? (Update: Oktober 2018)


A moon base was a no brainer in the sixties. And it still is. Only … for more than 40 years no human being landed on the moon. This is simply unbelievable. If you read interviews with Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos … you cannot get rid of the idea that these men must think the same. Forty years is an incredibly long timespan to do … how will we clarify ourselves … nothing. Humans always want to explore, beat a competitor … Forty years? Did ‘they’ needed time to clean up the moon?


Now people like Jeff Bezos (Amazon) want to build a colony on the moon. He will start with his private money and hopes others will kick in … We hope our real leaders give him the green light. If not, he will face hard times. Just like Elon Musk is facing at the moment, at least this is the impression we have. He too has special plans, with … Mars. But if he will go to Mars, we don’t see any plausible reason why he would pass the moon.


We think chances are great the moon still is ‘Top Secret territory’, even after so many years.


Jeff Bezos details his moon colony ambitions.


Feff Bezos and Elon Musk about their projects.


The vision is clear: private companies want to go to the moon. Some leaders of those companies have enough money to go to the moon ON THEIR OWN (so to speak). So why so many of us keep on saying that (for a superpower nation) it is too expensive to go to the moon??


Why so many of us keep saying that traveling to the moon is a waste of money if those brilliant men are saying the contrary?


Be sure that a lot of problems will arise. Beginning with the fact that the Space Treaty from 1967 seems to put forward that every activity on the moon must be supported by the state.


The Space Treaty.



Did the gods had superior spacecraft or did they used wormholes?



No substantial matter, maybe not even one atom, will ever travel through wormholes. And forget the speed of light. Unless we are able to separate soul from body, we will never reach even a substantial part of it. But maybe the gods could separate mind from body. Anyway to do real jobs you need a body. So the gods must have needed a body too or they could have had the power to take over a body ...

They had superior rockets but not thát superior, compared to the hidden technology of our geniuses. Our geniuses who will build further and always will try to do better than their opponent. A feature of humankind based on earth's life conditions: 'Be better than your opponent'. A pressure of competition our alien ancestors had lost during the uncountable years of their evolution. But who knows how far they are evolved in the mean time?



WE are the aliens on Earth.



So much things point to this conclusion. We are their creatures ... and they keep an eye on us with their bundled consciousness (UFO's).


Remember what our sixth man on the moon once said: "Aliens are watching us. They prevented for example a nuclear war in the past." And believe us: not only Mitchel -we speak about high ranking believable people- said those things.



Climate changes (Update from this part of the chapter: December 2019)


Ice ages come and go. Scientists are searching and find explanations. Some may be wrong, but that is the way it goes.





Source: https://aheadoftheherd.com/Newsletter/2017/Saving-Us-From-Us.html



What we are sure about? Ice ages last millions of years. On closer inspection, they consist of a succession of glacial and interglacial periods, as you can see in the graph above. At the ‘moment’ we are in a long term ice age which will last millions of years. Fortunately we are now in an interglacial (warmer) period. If you look at the graph you will understand. Apparently those warmer periods are the result of the fact that the sun / earth relationship varies in cycles. In short: the orbit of the earth around the sun, combined with the varying solar radiation, bring the earth into a recurring cycle so that ice ages are interrupted by warmer periods. (Off the record and not important in this context: The current models do not yet take into account the influence of a still so to speak unknown planet in our solar system, but we believe that is just a matter of time.)


It is strange that these warmer periods emerge very quickly (see graph). Temperature rises by around 10 degrees Celsius. It is thought that there are a number of 'flipping points' during every ice age. These flipping points are the result of a chain reaction caused by greenhouse gases, gases that in turn are caused by the rising solar heat. After the abrupt rise in temperature there will be a slightly less abrupt fall (also by around 10 degrees Celsius), after which the ice age will continue. At present it can apparently go in all directions if we can believe the graph. (By the way: This graph can be found in just about every scientific work on interglacial periods.) What we also see in the graph is the falter during the last (let us accept) 12.000 years. A falter that never before (during 450.000 years) has occured. It's another strange thing that can have had something to do with the departure of the gods and the arrival of the moon. But again this is speculation ... we are aware of that. Though if you add every strange thing explained in this chapter ... and not only in this chapter, you will forgive us some mistakes, we hope. By the way: How many mistakes we made, we don't know ... of course not. Please look at the big picture ...


Maybe the sputtering during the last 12.000 years has something to do with an exceptional event? Temperature was on the rise for several thousands of years when an unprecedented world disaster occurred that inflicted many life forms on earth a knockout blow. And it would not surprise us if 11,711 years ago several catastrophes resulted in unpresedented world disasters. (The date reminds us at Plato again.)


Scientists continue to look for explanations for this short but gigantic shock that devastated the world. The period that followed the shock (it is estimated that it lasted around 1000 years) is called the 'Younger Dryas'. Many life forms would not survive the Younger Dryas. Humans also went through a bottleneck.


Here you will find a controversial study that may give an explanation for the Younger Dryas. But there are many studies like this and some talk about volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, world fires ... you name it ...


To make a long story short: the cause of the Younger Dryas is unknown. Confusion is common (we don’t blame sciencetists).


In his story about Atlantis, Plato was incredibly accurate concerning the time of the catastrophes. We believe this cannot be a coincidence. Somewhere he is also talking about a rearrangement of the stars. See: http://www.ancient-wisdom.com/mythologyhome.htm Furthermore, worldwide myths talk about the time the sun stood still on one side of the earth while on the other side they went through a dark period.



A final note: some consider the periods between the interglacial (warmer) interruptions of a long term ice age as a separate ice age. We also do that -a matter of making it a bit easier to us, because the whole explanation would take too much time-. Furthermore, it is sometimes assumed that the end of the Younger Dryas was the start of the big rise in temperature ... but the warming up had been going on for a long time when the Younger Dryas started. Keep in mind that when we talk about the abnormal end of the Ice Age, we are referring to the Younger Dryas. We are aware of the confusion that this creates. But with this we think we made ourselves clear. Anyway don't worry about it too much.


Scientists make mistakes and of course we too make mistakes, but we think the Younger Dryas was caused by the gods. We admit: A very, very major conspiracy theory ... at first sight. But not if you take everything on this site even merely very, very little seriously.



Hans Hörbiger


And then there is Hans Hörbiger (1860-1931) who told us about the world ice theory . 'The basic substance of all cosmic processes is ice. The moon is an ice cube that constantly falls on planet Earth and erases life. Then our planet takes a new moon out of its orbit around the sun and everything starts all over again.'


His theory came to him in a dream.


Little chance that serious scientists would give him any credit.


But what happened? The theory was believed by prominent nazi scholars of the 1930s and 40s. 'The world ice theory is realistic. The cause of the flood and the disappearance of Atlantis was due to the fact that 12.600 years ago the moon collided with Earth.'


Why great scholars gave any credit to Hörbiger? Officially it is considered that they would counter Einsteins' work. Einstein was a Jew, and everyone knows how Nazis thought about Jews.


However, there are sufficient elements that prove that they knew that Hörbigers' theory was flawed. But that the moon had fallen from the sky 12.600 years ago, thát they were sure off.


Why their conviction seemed to grow with the number of expeditions they made? Not because of Einstein and the Jews. And why didn’t they blame landslides, volcanic eruptions or comets for the Great Flood?


Or did their expeditions made them wiser? And did they misinterpreted their discoveries somewhat? Did they thought it was a clash, and not an voluntarily executed manoeuvre, possibly a controlled graze?




Spaceship Moon solves it all



-how the moon came in an orbit around Earth;

-the abnormal almost circular orbit that she follows;

-the sophisticated distance to Earth;

-magnetism that apparently exists on the moon;

-why so few moon rocks are recovered;

-the two faces of the moon;

-why she’s facing Earth with her most beautiful side: more attractive to visit;

-On top of that: the tidally locked situation gives our leaders a golden opportunity to hide themselves from us. Not visible, no radio signals ... In other words: A perfect place to fulfil top secret work on the far site of the moon.


We think there are, and have been, secret missions to the moon, among other secret things paid with the trillions of dollars that are missing in the budget of the USA. We think there is ongoing co-operation between the superpowers concerning the moon, despite all denials. It are decisions made at the highest level. At the level of our real leaders. For example: We don't believe in the so-called Wolf Amendment that prohibits co-operation between the USA and China without permission of the congress. Super powers like China and Russia are simply unstoppable because they won't lose their face. Because now about everyone has to realize that even a manned moon landing since many years can't have been a real obstacle for them. So there must be co-operation behind the scenes ... at the highest level. If not, top secrets could easily come out on a very inappropriate moment. John Logsdon, founder of the Space Policy Institute at George Washington University made it clear to us in an interview where he was talking about the rivalry between superpowers concerning space exploration. The heart of the matter came down to this: ‘they’ can build walls around ‘their’ cooperation. (A slip of the tongue?) Yes there will be rovers on the moon we will be permitted to know about, yes some day there will be a manned moon base (we will be permitted to know about). Why? Because 'THEY' can't curb the world, especially the scientific world, forever. Question is: Will 'THEY' disclose the moon secrets to us? We think they will have to ... But when?


A base on the far side of the moon would be an excellent place to launch rockets to alter the course of a dangerous asteroid, the moon would hide every signal. And doing so avoid deadly panic on Earth. Further, our creators knew that sooner or later mankind would search for the roots of the universe. And the best place to do that would be the far side of the moon. Last but not least: could it be that the far side of the moon is the best place to receive signals coming from our creator's planet? Or to make contact with what we think is the ultimate lifeform: Magnetic clusters of consciousness?


-why Earth has a moon (as big as a planet) and the other stone-like planets have to do without; (Phobos and Deimos, the moons of Mars, we neglect. They don’t deserve the name ‘moon’ in this context. In addition, everyone can see that they appear merely asteroids. Very special asteroids if you ask us);



Phobos, average diameter 22.2 km. On Phobos there’s a 'monolith ', subject of various interpretations (photo: Mars Global Surveyor 1998 - comment follows) (Source: Wikipedia)


-why we waited so long for the first drawings of the moon;

-the mega disasters and the strange end of the last ice age;

-the winged, extinguished sun (see below);


-... the real reason why manned moonlanding suddenly stopped;



... our suspicion that NASA on the moon, in addition to underground bases with superior technology, also found anti-gravity technology;


-... why humankind has a dream 'lifeboat' at her disposal;




-... the reluctant attitude of scientists to counter the flaws in the official explanation about the origin of the moon;


It gives us even a reason why James Irwin (Apollo 15) seemed to connect the moon with the great flood. For why on earth after his moon landing he was so obsessed with Noah's Ark? (And why did Mitchell had to refer to Noah with the name of his institute?)


Irwin came in contact with the controversial American amateur archaeologist Ron Wyatt. With metal detectors they explored the place where according to the Bible the Ark stranded. Wyatt made a number of convincing discoveries ... which were debunked afterwards. However, he keeps insisting that he has found the Ark indeed.


Bizarre that Irwin became involved with such research. He was a committed Christian, but also a real scientist and a realist. Did he realized that the Ark once existed? If Irwin knew the secrets of the moon, he'll probably realized that the stories about the flood and the Ark contain more than one ground of truth.



A hollowed out asteroid as a space station?



Mars has two moons that don’t deserve the name ‘moon’. They look like two large boulders. But there is something very strange with phobos (one of the so called moons). (Look at the youtube fragment below.)


Many believe that phobos -just like our own moon- is placed there by extraterrestrials. Some think it was a space station. And it must been said, the ‘monolith’ on phobos seems to be constructed by ‘the hands of the gods’. It’s a monolith of which there are no detailed pictures -strange-.


'Phobos is a hollowed out asteroid and a space station.’ That sounds familiar. For believe it or not, Americans are keen to find out how to make a space station from a hollowed out asteroid.


Again: History is self-repeating.



The Black Knight


The Black Night is a so called satellite that follows a polar orbit. His existence is being disputed for a long time by the authorities (and others).


However, we think the Black Night can be one of more satellites that belonged to our creators.


The Black Night on Wikipedia.

The Black Night on Youtube.


We won’t go deep into the subject because we must keep our eye on the big picture. Just some reservations:


- first of all the name of the satellite: as if he was doomed to end in a commercial spot of the Pepsi company. So he could be made ridiculous. Just don’t let mislead you.

- why authorities who have all the means to prove the nature of the black knight are not giving us a credible explanation?

- some claim that Tesla was the first who discovered the satellite. And although Tesla believed in extra terrestrial intelligent beings, the discovery of the satellite by him has ended in a yes/no game ...

We think Nikola Tesla knew something that we are not allowed to know. He talked about electromagnetic signals that probably came from the moon and that influenced the human mind (by the way: he didn't exclude a satellite like the Black Night).

- in the 50’s several sources mention the satellite (see link to the first page of the site below).

- the satellite would orbit first one of the poles and by its return it would orbit the other pole. Strange because in the 50’s no human satellite seemed to be able doing that. (Today they can do it anyway.)

- it must been said authorities were once proud to announce that the black knight was a piece of the Discoverer rocket. (Something that simply not could have been the case – see also the link that follows.)


A link to one of the best conspiracy websites in the world .



Those who are conscientious do not leave their creation unprotected


Aliens (the gods) have created a superior earthly being and have had to leave it behind for the sake of the 'hostile' earth - nature. We put ourselves in their place. Would we leave our creation unprotected? Certainly not if we had the opportunity to observe our creation with a kind of 'all-seeing eye' (got it?) and to intervene if necessary.


There must have been that possibility.


Artificial intelligence will one day be able to create robots that will surpass humans. At least, that's what we think about it. For the time being we remain somewhat speculative, but in the distant future reality may even surpass our imagination. Is it too far-fetched to assume that some kind of 'civilization' has been left on the moon that is artificial and self-sustaining? A civilization that keeps an eye on humankind? That, for example, visits the earth with real flying machines? A (kind of) civilization that is somehow a 'go-between' between our creators and humankind?


in the section on UFOs we mentioned 'left behind' spacecraft that may have been found 'somewhere on earth' and on the moon, but what if there were still spacecraft today that are fully intact and observing us? In that case, it is almost inevitable that these 'spaceships' have their basis on the moon and are in the hands of robots created by artificial intelligence.


"I am completely convinced that UFOs have an out-of-world basis." (Dr. Walther Riedel, once chief and research director at the German Rocket Centre in Peenemunde). If you want more quotes, please read what RegMolehusband (nickname) wrote on Tuesday 10th July 2012 (5th post) ...


We can’t prove anything, of course not. Because it's about a believe in the big picture and the acceptance of the idea that all the indications about our extra terrestrial origins are called into question by a sophisticated machinery that dominates the worlds press ...


And please don’t tell us that this is not possible.



First time translated from the Dutch to the English language in April 2012