EVA WAS EERST Soul - Egyptian priests - afterlife



The white light: the oldest religions



The Essenes, who lived at the time of Jesus as a separate group of Jews, believed that the human soul was part of a universal Loving Soul. That universal soul once was splintered by an evil power. As a result, every human carries a particle of that universal light in his body. Only death can free the light, after which all little lights become one.


To join the Light, the soul must have lived righteous. Sincere righteousness would be the result of a growth process of consciousness. The more insight humans get, the more powerful and more righteous they can develop their soul, the stronger their soul will be to survive after death.


Our soul is a light power. That's the conclusion we draw after reading the principles of the oldest religions and those of the oldest philosophers.


Plato even seems to have known about the existence of the 'other dimension' which is a quantum world if you ask us.


The Egyptian priests gave us the impression -through their pupils- they must have known about the subatomic world of the soul.


This other world was reserved only for the human soul. Animals had, according to Plato, a soul, but she was inferior. Only the soul of mankind could survive death. In our concept (2500 years after Plato) that sounds reasonable because the soul of a human does not seem to come from this earth.


In 1982 a miraculous characteristic of subatomic particles has been proven by a certain Alain Aspect (strange that we almost not heard about the man who turned our world upside down). His experiments showed that each particle -wherever it is- is connected with another particle. Regardless of the distance between those two, they feel each other. Some scientists are now convinced that there must be 'another' world. Again a Plato position. In his 'Allegory of the cave' Plato says we live not in a real world but in a shadow world.


By the way: it’s astonishing the moon seems to play a more important role than the sun in some of the oldest texts. According to the ancient Babylonians she was the ‘Light Boat’. And according to the Vedas -which are among the oldest religious texts that contain knowledge so secret that it could not be recorded for a long time- the soul after death becomes part of a light ... that makes a stopover on the moon.


Scientists have figured out that at conception a light phenomenon occurs. This would have to do with zinc particles that are driven out of the egg by the sperm. But whatever the reason, light turns out to be there at the beginning of life. Question is: does it play also a role at the end of life? The article concerns animal life but scientists say the same phenomenon occurs also at human conception. However the light at conception just means that the germ of the soul is present. In animals this germ will at best grow just a little bit during their life, while in people it becomes a real 'tree of life'. We believe human DNA is manipulated through which the soul of humankind grows to excessive proportions, compared to all other terrestrial standards at least ...




The good and pure soul enters a white light after death. We could say that’s a kind of secret knowledge hidden in the oldest religions, many thousands of years older than Christianity.


But we must realize that the true message for countless years was not written down. So written texts are not always reliable. They could have been changed -especially in favor of men-. But we have no choice. And when it comes down to it we always end up in ancient Egypt. Although religion in ancient Egypt now looks as if it was one big chaos full of fantasy and superstition, we think the real Egyptian priests selected their trustees very carefully. So we must look at what their pupils learned us to know the -apparently- most important ideas of the secret knowledge. Ideas by the way that only have survived history with a little help from the real rulers of this world.


- The soul is immortal. She's made of light. (Though some say 'light' must be translated as 'pure energy'.)


- After death the pure soul is the strongest and can reach the great light. (the Egyptian 'Book of Death' is often translated as 'Emerging forth to the Light'.) As if this life is just a transitional phase.


Strange that so many religions are telling the same –or almost the same-. The soul must be 'good', if not she would never enter the brightness of the afterlife.


To be good, the soul must have lived 'righteous'. A predominantly egocentric soul has no chance to enter The Bright Light.