About SETI



The search for extraterrestrial intelligent life happens world-wide by the SETI project. (SETI stands for Search for extra-terrestrial Intelligent life.) An immense amount of super machinery is collecting a gigantic amount of data helped by a huge network in which citizens all over the world participate with their small telescopes and computers.


Is SETI only looking for extra-terrestrial intelligent life?


The nearest systems Alpha Centauri and Gliese are respectively 4.3 and 20.5 light years away. And the chances to encounter intelligent life there are as good as zero.


Authorities let us believe that SETI is looking for stars and planets light years away. Something that is probably not the whole truth. Because looking for dangerous comets, dwarf planets, and maybe real planets that are wandering somewhere between Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud is a reason far more acceptable to exist for SETI than searching for intelligent life.


If SETI really would be searching for intelligent life just out of curiosity, it would be gambling with our lives (SETI is not only looking for signals, but is also sending them out.)


Are they crazy?


Alien life could find us and destroy us.


And why spend so much money on something that can lead to the destruction of mankind while none of the real powers seem to make a problem about that? Such an -at first sight- arrogance must surely have a reason.


Maybe our real leaders are thinking that extra terrestrial species would be harmless. And it must been said that a crossbreed (humans must be some kind of a crossbreed) sometimes has fabulous talents. So we not only have our earthly features -lying and cheating because of egocentrism- as a weapon, also our real weapon arsenal testifies of an obsession that could give alien visitors a devastating blow. Maybe ... but nobody would take the risk to underestimate an alien intelligent life form.


Our favorite meaning about SETI?


Our true leaders know that the so-called Planet X exists and they know the dangers of that planet. We think that planet has made our solar system an even more dangerous place than it already is. The planet must have kicked out a lot of big celestial objects (also dwarf planets) out of their orbit a long time ago. SETI is helping to look for such objects. SETI is helping to look for a great unknown planet and SETI is helping to look for a passing star system. Enough reason to exist if you ask us. All help is welcome.