EVA WAS EERST Plato - Da Vinci - Mona Lisa - women - Alfred Russel Wallace - consciousness



Some remarkable persons, some strange connections, and a some little understanding



First of all: Plato (427-347 BC) (with regards to Socrates of course)



First we refer to the chapter about Atlantis. Here we are just adding some more things that could be important. But there is so much to discover about Plato ...


Bible authors, so-called members of secret societies, some of the greatest people who ever lived ... they refer to Plato.


Plato knew about the gods. He probably even knew about 'the other dimension'. Some say The Matrix (movie) is based on 'Pato's Cave'. In The Allegory of the Cave Plato tells us that we are living in an illusion, a shadow world. Only after death we will see the real world when we enter the light.


An example (of course some things are hypothetically). The Renaissance with key players Lorenzo de' Medici, Da vinci, Michelanchelo, Botticelli ... They refer to Plato ... and the power of women ... They adored women. Most of them sexually, because they were men, but all of them did it also in a spiritual way they were hiding in a cloud of code and mystery. Le temps revient (time will return), the motto of Lorenzo and his order is still subject of discussion. Why is it written in French? What does it mean? No one knows for sure. But its' not about the return of the seasons or some other trivial thing. We think it's about what Plato knew: The time before the Flood will return.


From the Roman empire -the Isis temple was the last to withstand Christianity- through the middle ages through the renaissance Isis was very much worshiped. Paris has a very strong bond with Isis. In fact 'the Notre-Dame' was built on the temple of Isis. And also Plato must have been a secret worshipper of the most important goddess.


Plato believed in The Light. Isis is known as the goddess of light, the carrier of light (remember the Statue of Freedom). The tree of life, a symbol as old as the flying sun symbol, and also existing in almost all ancient cultures, gives us a clue how consciousness has to grow to reach the ultimate state. The state where it is strong enough to enter the light.


Notice that Plato also believed in the existence of the ether. Einstein more or less ignored that. But later admitted he made a mistake Ö


Through Plato we know before the Flood there must have been several civilizations. And some of them were smarter then ours. Although we think history will more or less repeat itself in the future.



Leonardo Da Vinci (1552-1519)


Also Leonardo Da Vinci had to code his messages. Messages that are open for debate, but that seem to point to the power of women ... and to Isis ...


The Vitruvian man: his messages

- Humans are the result of perfect geometric calculations (something that is widely accepted);

- Behind the man stands a woman (Leonard G Horowitz).

- ...


The last supper:



Isis has more than one symbolic connection with pillars. Jesus is clearly sitting here between two pillars. And Isis is sometimes depicted between two pillars. Does Jesus represents Isis? Then there are in fact two V's appearing on each side of Jesus, with a pillar in between. A pillar that can also symbolise the letter I (Isis). One of the two V's obviously seems to be created deliberately. Is it to stress the pillars? Is it to point to a freemason symbol? Was Leonardo a freemason? Is the letter V a woman-symbol in freemasonry? And are the pillars in fact symbolic for Jachin and Boaz, the two pillars that are connected to freemasonry and to Isis ...

How many non-bearded apostles are there? We think only two. The third one, Matthew (fourth on Jesus left hand) seems to have at least a shadow of a beard, but the original painting -a wall painting commissioned by the Sforza's from Milan- began to decay after a short time. It remains inconclusive. Probably because the painting has become unclear or because Leonardo didn't dare to make it too obvious. But we think Da Vinci painted only two beardless apostles. Together with Jesus they form the points of the two V's on each side of Jesus. So maybe Leonardo referred to three women: Isis, the virgin Mary and Mary-Magdalene ...


Another hidden message? The mystery of the knife.



The Mona Lisa


Mona Lisa has eyebrows nor eyelashes and therefore there is only one credible explanation: Da Vinci has consciously not painted them; (Egyptian priests worshipped Isis. As a tribute to her they shaved their eyebrows and eyelashes.)

- Scans saw a distinctive veil over the shoulder and that veil only has one meaning: Lisa is pregnant or gave recent birth.

- And that without a wedding ring. That ring the painter left away. No doubt Mrs Lisa Giocondo was wearing a wedding ring at the moment of painting;

- Lisa doesn't seem to care for material things. She wore not even one jewel;

- Male facial features seem to mix with female. Some see the painting as a self-portrait of Da Vinci, others as a sign that the figure is something in between man and woman;


And then the mysterious smile: as if she knows something we donít know. This is NOT a normal smile but a smile of someone who is mocking with us.


Did Da Vinci painted Isis Ėthe goddess of the gods- instead of Lisa del Giocondo? After all adjustments of the master Lisa seems surprisingly well to accomplish all criteria of Isis: pious, fertile, being able to have children without a man, an aversion to material things ...


Lisa's eyes make us think about an unmistakable symbol associated with the Freemasons: the all-seeing eye of God in the top of a pyramid. By the way Horus, the immaculate concepted son of Isis, is also known for its all-seeing eyes.


Dan Brown says in his Da Vinci Code that the first name of the model is part of the code language. For Italians at the time of Da Vinci L'Isa was in fact the name of Isis. Dan Brown also believes that Mona refers to Amon -a male Egyptian god- because Mona is an anagram of Amon.


But Leonardo has not figured out the name Mona. He could not have known that so many years after his death Lisa would become 'Mona' Lisa.


What he surely did know was that after his death (speaking out loud before his natural death would have been crazy) we would discover that the name Lisa taken together with all other indications, would point to Isis.



Michelangelo (1475-1564)


Great men were members of secret societies or were soulmates of members of those societies. They knew much more than we think. And Michelachelo fits into the picture.


Certain is that Michelangelo has hidden (some) of his messages in his painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel;


An example: researchers look at the image of God and they seem to be obsessed with what they see in His throat. According to some, it is a cross-section of the brain, according to others itís a vagina with uterus. Furthermore, it seems like God has breasts. And who's in God's left arm? Many say it's Sophia, and many are also saying that Sophia is Isis. But can we be sure?


Even Maria Magdalene, hidden in mystery, seems to have a bond with Isis.



Alfred Russel Wallace



Wallace was a friend of Darwin but the two disagreed about one crucial point. According to Wallace human consciousness could not have been the result of normal evolution. The difference with animals is far too big. A higher being must have intervened. Note: Wallace, not Darwin, should have been the one in our history books.


In addition Wallace said that women were the leading gender of this world.


No need to wonder why Wallace was ignored in what is called 'a men's world'.


An interview with Wallace: See https://people.wku.edu/charles.smith/wallace/S736.htm





Last but not least: Astronauts, especially those who set foot on the moon. They made such amazing statements that we should wake up.


We only remind you about Mitchell, but of course there were others as you already know.


They made a daydreamer of Mitchell.


He believes in the supernatural, in aliens. He says aliens are still influencing us (and if you read our site you will see we are thinking this too). He believes that humanity is no more than a grain of sand in the universe that is full of life. He is convinced Roswell had really something to do with aliens.


A person with such a curriculum that speaks such a language should simply open our eyes. And to make a long story short: itís very sad that he is considered by a lot of people as a dreamer because, compared to him, his critics are of no value at all.


The moon landings made astronauts behave like they knew/know something we donít know about our origins.





A little understanding


To the real rulers we would say: We understand your dilemma. Especially the extraterrestrial knowledge must help you to guide humanity. And of course that you have superior weaponry and other things that have to save our world. Telling the truth would mean some evil forces would try to steal it from you. (We must sound a little childish but we are very serious.)


The truth has rights, but in this case we forgive you.


And to be honest: we believe a lot of people anyway are convinced that human consciousness must have come from another planet. It's more or less an open secret to many of us.


Because our pure soul is infected with the evil on planet earth it still could take several lifetimes to make a full disclosure. First our geniuses have to find a way to erase 'the evil'. Hopefully at that moment in time it will not be too late for the native inhabitants (animals) of planet Earth (we owe them so much).


We humans are so complacent that we donít care about nature. We think only about ourselves.


And yes also animals and plants do only think about themselves. They kill each other in most gruesome ways. But we are no animals -only for a part-. We should know better. Therefore we better should stop multiplying ourselves. At least we must keep global population under control. And we should realize that raise a good child/human is the only thing that really matters in this world. Materialism and egocentrism are -just like Plato said- a scourge of a civilized society. (ps: we paraphrased Plato)


God exists. He/She stood above our creators and He/She stands above all things. He/She is so great that we cannot explain. But nonetheless in another chapter we are doing an effort.