EVA WAS EERST Atlantis - Socrates - Plato - Critias


In what a man does with power one knows its value (Plato).






In his old age Plato (427-347 BC) spoke about Atlantis (in his works Timaeus and Critias).


First of all, some important details:


It’s remarkable that the ideas of Socrates, Plato and Jesus (Jesus over 350 years later) so strongly resemble each other. They all preached about righteousness, non-violence, compassion and a pure soul.


Socrates and Jesus were sentenced to death because of their ideas. Plato had more luck or maybe he was more cunning or more attached to life. After all it’s obvious that a part of Timaeus and Critias is just fantasy to please the authorities. There could never have been Athenians in the time Atlantis existed for example.


By the way: We think for obvious reasons Plato have waited until he was an old man before he told his story about Atlantis. Others who gave us a glimpse of our origins seem to have done the same.


Also by the way: Socrates, Plato, Jesus and many others who gave us that glimpse (some in parables or coded paintings) seemed to have had great respect for women. On first sight one would not say this about Socrates or Plato but in a certain way they were a kind of pioneering feminists.


The story of Atlantis is based on what the Egyptian priests learned their pupils. A summary in three sentences: a civilization located on Atlantis, was at first pure spiritual. Later she became decadent and egocentric. The decadent Atlanteans were first defeated by the (heroic) Athenians but they eventually perished by a huge natural disaster.


Plato gives a detailed explanation of the island and the organization of the society, but all that was probably rather a package for his real message.


Many believe that Atlantis never really existed. However, Plato made himself very clear. He explicitly said that Atlantis was not a fictional island. And actually that is a fact that is very important. He often told stories but that he found it necessary to make it clear that Atlantis really once existed, is remarkable. He would probably not have risked his reputation by explicitly telling a lie.


Further: Plato gave a number of details which makes his coded message -we think it was a coded message- more than 2300 years after his death, a fascination.


9000 years before Plato's time Atlantis disappeared under water in one apocalyptic day. It sank just below the surface, leaving a shallow mud pool. In our view, most astonishing is the fact that Plato says Atlantis disappeared more than 9,000 years before his lifetime. How could he have known that there must have been some sort of apocalypse around that time? (Make your own mind about it being an apocalypse by Google, or trust us when we say there was a sudden apocalypse around the time Plato mentioned.) Plato was also clear about the location of the island. It was located beyond the columns of Hercules (now Gibraltar).


For more than two thousand years no one ever believed that an island like Atlantis could disappear in one day.


But now scientists are sure it is possible.


The same goes up for the fact that there could never have been a disaster like Plato described. As said; Plato gave us an incredible exact date of the disaster taken into account that a period of 9000 years is simply an unimaginable long time.


What do we hear now? The end of the ice age came instantly. According to many scientists around 13.000 years ago. More than 9000 years before Plato's lifetime. And assessed against currently available information, a scenario appears to be plausible that an island disappeared under water in just one day.


So Plato’s impossible details were realistic. That alone should silence critics.


But some ask a reasonable question: Why did we never found some remains of Atlantis?


We believe there is more than one possible answer to that question. Atlantis is lying now more than 4000 meters deep in the Atlantic ocean. Earth quakes, tsunami’s … the ravages of time .. made it as good as undetectable. And maybe the real rulers use their power to cover up some discoveries.


If one could prove Atlantis really existed, our real rulers would have a problem. Just like for example the moon and pyramids enigmas Atlantis could lead to the beginning of a disclosure most humans are not ready to accept.


What was the real message of the story of Atlantis?


- Before the mega disasters there were ‘real gods’ on earth. They had spread across the planet and gave mankind knowledge. Plato makes it very clear he had not the slightest doubt about that;

- The gods lived in peace with a high moral standard, a pure soul;

- On Atlantis the civilization for a long period of time -because of isolation- had not mixed with ‘animal people’;

- Women and men were considered equal at Atlantis. This was a bold statement. Saying that women were superior to men, would certainly have meant his death;

- Eventually, around the time of the mega disasters, the civilization had become decadent by mixing with animal people races. Even the gods themselves had sinned;

- Atlantis vanished under water and the gods disappeared from the face of the earth. Only some mountain dwellers survived. They were less educated but were saved from the floods by the mountains. Because they were not developed enough the story about Atlantis faded away.


Note that Critias abruptly stops, in the middle of a sentence. Nobody knows why.


Some strange coincidents:


- The first cave painters appeared not so far from where Atlantis must have been. They were apparently not aggressive, not sexual orientated, not searching for power … as if they were descendants from the old Atlanteans. But the oldest (and best) cave painters lived some 20.000 years before Atlantis perished. The geographical coincidence, the apparently belatedly degeneration and the time frame aspect makes us believe that it could be possible the gods of Atlantis created the precursors of the future world conquerors. In that case Atlantis must have been a real world-class metropolis for the gods.


The Basques may be also descendants of the Atlanteans that fled to seek shelter in the Pyrenees after the mega catastrophes. Why so many Basques have a negative rhesus factor? A rhesus factor that seems to be related to the gods.


- It must been said that Plato talked about the fact that the gods had spread around the world. But Plato only spoke about Atlantis. Although it is strange that many places where archeologists have found traces of the beginning of our civilization (after the great flood), there were big mountains in the neighborhood.


Plato’s fundamental wisdom seems to be recorded in the Bible.

- There were gods on Earth ('Angels' and 'Nephilim' in the Bible seem to refer to the gods);

- The gods were righteous and had supernatural powers (the Bible talks about righteous super people who could do wonders);

- The gods eventually mingled with earth people (in the Bible: they sinned);

- A global catastrophe (in the Bible: The Flood) wiped out mankind;

- The soul is immortal, she is released after the death of the body. (actually here Plato and the Bible are saying exactly the same);

- Humans must strive for a pure soul (in the Bible: a life without sin);

- There is a God who stands above the other gods and who is unreachable (the Bible says that God stands above the angels, so-called super people);

- God is love, God is light, God is good, so says Plato. He gave mankind all the good things. (the Bible again says the same);


Was Plato our greatest teacher about our evolution? We think so.


His last works were a prophetic message that referred to a mysterious kind of civilization that lived before the mega catastrophes. They included a message that numerous prophets -as far we can count on our history books- took over: 'compassion and a pure soul are the highest goods. Egocentrism and the lust for power are poison to the soul'.


Compassion, justice, spirituality ... These are not values that emerge from the dreams of oppressed people. They are values that mankind has inherited from a superior human race that once really lived on this planet but originally has been created by the gods. The authentic Egyptian priests knew that. And some special people knew (and know) it too.