EVA WAS EERST Novus Ordo Seclorum - freemasons



Just a short question: What do you do if you have to kill someone to save 10 others?


Note: See update December 2021 at the end of this chapter.



Operation Northwoods was a proposed false flag operation against the Cuban government, that originated within the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) of the United States government in 1962. The proposals called for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) or other U.S. government operatives to commit acts of terrorism against American civilians and military targets, blaming it on the Cuban government, and using it to justify a war against Cuba. The proposals were rejected by the Kennedy administration. (Wikipedia) It took almost 40 years before the operation was declassified. (And if it was not declassified deliberately we would never had believed it.)



Novus Ordo Seclorum



Front and reverse of the Great Seal (Wikipedia).


The World is driven by a chaotic tangle of coincidences, a tangle of political systems with, each on its own level, are struggling for power. It is a given fact that even the real rulers of this world have to accept. Partially. Because no matter how hard they try, they have to let the world run its course. Only when it comes to a crucial point -let's say a global crisis- they have the power to intervene. Maybe they helped the crisis a little bit, maybe they even caused the crisis or maybe they did nothing to nip the crisis in the bud ... but 'they' will grab the opportunity to further globalize the world. One way or another ...


The results of our 'real rulers' actions are very confusing but be sure they are there. We are thinking about the main goals of the invasion of Afghanistan: maybe it was not gas, oil or whatever, but the official explanation: fighting the global escalation of terror was surely right ... the contribution to the global liberation of women however got less attention from the media. And obviously the ultimate goal: uniting the world is a little too far away to be noticed. But be sure that globalization is also part of the agenda.


No doubt about it: our leaders follow a tangled hidden agenda.


But if you look at the past 6000 (!) years you only can conclude that humanity has become more and more united.


Apparently our real rulers have chosen for a total mix of people -not so long ago nazi’s had another approach-. Globalization is the ultimate goal if you are able to look through the ups and downs. Finally a multicultural society will emerge. Races will mingle, Muslims and Catholics will once live together in peace and share the same values. (Besides: Bible and Koran share also the same values in general. Only texts are out of date.) Tyrants will continue to disappear. The number of languages in the long run, will reduce drastically. Ultimately -just like the gods- we will need no language anymore.


But it will take time. And be sure: in the short and longer run, we will have difficult times ahead.


In short, the process that brings people all over the world closer together, is unstoppable. And because that is against the egocentric nature of men We think a mysterious force must be behind it.


Freemasonry with the illuminati in the centre of it, is a secret organization of powerful white men that behind the scenes lead the world to a unification. They carry an incredible secret with them.


‘That’s wrong’ many say, 'the members of freemasonry are known, they don’t hide themselves. They are righteous men with a code of honor, and some, indeed, are very powerful. But their reputation is not in line with that what conspiracy theorists are thinking about them'.


[Of course, anyone may think what he/she wants. But we are convinced that freemasons usually have nothing to hide. We only don’t know what percentage of them are hiding a top secret about our origins. Their organization is top secret ... partly. Just like their knowledge.]


That their secret has to do with Isis, we cannot ignore. The signs pointing to Isis are everywhere and are overwhelming. But in the end there is a lack of real proof (on the other hand, what is proof if you keep in mind that so many ‘proven things’ appear to be wrong after many years).


The way the real rulers gave us the impression that Isis must be their real goddess is sophisticated.


Pyramids, mother Mary, the Mona Lisa, the dollar sign, the Statue of Liberty (Bartholdi first would create a statue of Isis that overlooked the Suez canal, but there are lots of indications that Isis is standing in New York) ...


One of the other references we find in the book of David Ovason: 'The Secret Architecture of Our nation's Capital'. A revelation for those who want to see: Washington DC was designed by freemasons, and in honor of Isis. Furthermore, the co-founder of the United States, George Washington, just like so many great names, was a follower of Isis.


George Washington, a Rosicrucian (an order of the freemasons), became the first president of the United States in 1789. He was closely involved in the choice of words on the reverse of the seal of the United States (the seal appears for the first time in 1782).


The phrase comes from a verse of the Roman poet Virgil. Roughly translated: 'We arrive at the end of Sybil's song' (Sybil is a mythical Prophet). And now there's the rub: 'Magnus ab integro nascitur ordo seclorum.' According to some: 'a new cycle has come.' According to others: 'a new world order is born.'


To us these words are a mystery. It looks like something big is coming. A new world order? We can only think that it is about globalization ... and as a result a drastic reduction of the world's population. After all: The latter would greatly simplify a new world order.


Some see the choice of words as the pure lust for power and the egocentric mind of the real rulers of this world: 'they want to dominate the world.'


Something we believe is true: they really want to dominate the world. A world that is not a heaven on Earth. For sure. But also for sure: we have the impression that without the real powers, the beast that lives in every human would have changed earth in a real hell.


Did our rulers chose Washington DC as their bastion? At least it looks that way. It is an impossible task to name all freemasons that occupy America’s top positions behind the scenes. Especially since there is usually a lack of evidence (that's how it is with secret organizations).


To unite the world they talk about God and the urge for justice -an innate human feature far less obvious than one might think-.


Compared to the hundreds of thousands of deaths from preventable diseases, starvation and car accidents, the American and European deaths caused by terror attacks have to be seen in perspective. So why do they get so much more attention in the media? (To be clear: We say this with all due respect.)


Were the deaths in Pearl Harbor expected? Or in New York? A quote from American top magistrates about the WTC attacks: 'they made people all over the world come closer together'.


One of the laws of power? Sometimes (not always of course) you better let disasters happen if someone plans to put a great injustice upon you. Just make sure this injustice becomes a media headline for weeks afterwards. So you get the approval of the people to respond in an extreme way. It can range from interfering in a world war, starting the war against terror (remember 9/11), to -yes- the liberation of women.


Did the real powers saw the crimes coming? We may never be sure, but they gave conspiracy theorists a unique opportunity.


Note that the gods were cruel at times. So the real leaders will undoubtedly have to be cruel too. Cruel measures will have to be taken to tame the beast in man. We are almost sure that our true leaders will give us a warning. However, they do it subtly through 'accidental' similarities (such as the strange references to the disaster of 9-11, also on the dollar bills, they warn us through strange word games or other signs (the winged sun is everywhere) or through numerology. The pyramids are full of numerology. Maybe we have to look out now for the number 666, the number of the beast. If numerologists would see a relation between that number and a coming disaster, that wouldn't bode well -just a thought-. The problem is, we'll never be able to prove anything, because those who try, will quickly end up as conspiracy theorists ... so to speak in a trash can...


Americans played a crucial role in both world wars. As soon as they came to Europe, the chances changed. Why they interfered for example in the first world war? Some claim that England and France had so much debt in the US, so that the US had to save their investments by ensuring that their debtors could win the war. Otherwise they would never see their money back. Others see beyond that. So the speech of president Woodrow Wilson that echoed around the world, spoke about a new world order and the creation of a League of Nations. Searching for the names of Wilson and his mentor Edward Mandell House in the list of prominent freemasons is useless because the list is incomplete and in a yes/no game we don't participate.


The prophecy of Virgil continues as follows: 'justice returns with those who are sent to us from heaven.' We think the gods are indeed influencing humankind ... they guide our leaders' thoughts. But that was probably not what Sybil had in mind.


Another Sybil prediction: 'fire and brimstone will fall from the sky'. After that, a new cycle of ages -say many thousands of years- will start again.


If the doomsayers are right, it’s time for the real rulers to hurry up and unite mankind a little bit faster. Because if a devastating catastrophe is coming, it is good to be organized as much as possible. Collective consciousness and a more centralized governance will then be very necessary to start reconstruction and make a new world (with the text on the Georgia Guide stones as the new stone tables).  


A subtle warning:


The Georgia Guidestones have always intrigued us. It's as if they are a harbinger of disaster. We think it could point to something in store for us during this century. We must not forget that they mainly refer to the fact that the world is currently overpopulated. But perhaps the disaster (or however you define it) will not come from outside the Earth, but from those who are our "true leaders." A frightening thought. At a time when world wars cannot reduce population growth (too dangerous for planet Earth), 'they' will have to find something else to keep world's population in check (read: drastically reduce the world's population). There is no doubt that there are far too many people living on this globe. But we dare not talk about a program or hidden agenda that should reduce the world's population. (Admittedly, we originally devoted an entire chapter to it, but we deleted it. We are afraid we are already going too far.)


The inscription read:


Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.


Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.


Unite humanity with a living new language.


Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.


Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.


Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.


Avoid petty laws and useless officials.


Balance personal rights with social duties.


Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.


Be not a cancer on the Earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature.


To be honest, we think the possibilities are there to change the world. The big media can guide humanity in a certain direction. In addition, globalization is unstoppable and incredible things are about to happen as far as science is concerned. For example, nanotechnology, quantum technology, artificial intelligence ... will usher in a true revolution in almost all areas. This includes life extension. And if we let our thoughts run free for a moment and express it mathematically: a world government + depopulation + life extension = a recipe for making the message on the Georgia Guidestones come true. Life extension may not be mentioned on the 'stones', but oh well ... when only the smart survive, we think changes are huges that those will understand what is written on the the Georgia Guidestones. It is quite possible that humanity within say 500 years will exactly be where the Guidestones want humanity to be ... Controlled warfare, viruses, bacteria, one child policy, you name it. People will follow what the (worldwide censored) big media says. And the big media is in the pockets of our real leaders... feel free to believe it or not...


Many are convinced that the Ten Commandments displayed here on stone tablets come from the Rosicrucians. The monument, viewed from above, refers to their symbol (a cross with a rose) and the name R.C. Cristian, the so-called commissioner for the erection of the monument, is - how coincidentally - a (almost) perfect pseudonym for the legendary founder of the Rosicrucians (the Rosicrucian Order/the Order of the Rose Cross): Christian Rosenkreutz.


Update 2022: De Georgia Guidestones were destroyed in 2022.


To be clear: We are (almost) sure the gods left on the moon a base with robots created by artificial intelligence. Robots who are visiting Earth with alien spaceships to keep an eye on us. The robots that many now believe can become smarter than humans through artificial intelligence, turn out to have been invented more then 12600 years ago -to say the least-. History is repeating itself in this area as well. These robots guard the Earth. They are capable of causing or preventing mega catastrophes. We think their main job is to protect humanity. Let us hope that they don't have instructions to control overpopulation just like the Guidestones prescribe ... because they must have the means to do their job very fast. Never trust a Robot.