EVA WAS EERST Noah's Ark - The Flood



Noah's Ark



One of the oldest stories in the world. A story told by the oldest civilizations somewhat everywhere in the world.



There are Flood myths all over the world.


We -like many others- do not believe that the story had something to do with local phenomena.


Noah lived at the time of the mega disasters. His story goes about the Great Flood. Elsewhere in the world the catastrophe was caused not by water but by fire and sometimes ice, something very plausible if the moon was the culprit of the mega disasters. The story of Noah although is the best known.


In every story around the world -comparable to the Flood story- the Gods chose some people to survive the coming disasters. Time of the Great Disasters? Approximately 12.600 years ago. Just like Plato said.


In a paranormal way the gods told Noah (who must also have had telepathic gifts) that mankind had degenerated and therefore had to die (people had to be punished for their sins). Only a few would survive to rebuild a civilization afterwards. The Flood created a new era.


Some of our thoughts about the time after the Flood in a little list:


- As regards the external environment: The view of the world changed drastically. As an example: forests could have become deserts and vice versa;

- As regards the nature of people: egocentrism got an huge boost and men took power;

- There must have been a huge time gap (say 6000 years) between the flood and the first written texts;

- The first writers nor artists knew about the personalities nor the gender of their heroes (the gods). So they wrote about them and pictured them as if they had been men with beards (because in the time of the ancient Sumerians men were in power);

- We think the real Noah could have been a female;

- According to the writers Noah and all life on earth must have been saved by a boat. In reality all seed of life was buried in a DNA cave. Note that the writers didn't have a clue about DNA caves. A boat with all living things in it looked apparently more possible in their imagination;

- Note also that Super Save DNA caves are not an invention of our own civilization, they are an invention that –like so many other things- belong to the gods;

- Obvious; The Sumerian writers wrote about many gods, not about one god. The so-called gods for sure knew that there is a super power (call Him the real GOD). In fact it were the fake gods who gave us the idea about the one and only God. But that idea took a long time to emerge.


In the Gilgamesh Epic the gods told Utnapishtim -Utnapishtim was the Sumerian Noah- he had to collect the 'seed of life'. As you know, we believe this seed of life was in fact DNA.


After the Flood, Noah and other chosen people must have had very difficult times. Of course not every unworthy human (according to the plan of the gods) died in the Flood. So a degeneration process started again, but now the chances to evolve in the direction planet Earth dictates (survival of the most adaptable) were higher. Nature took over. And women became the slaves of men.


The gods knew the Flood would bring misery to women. They said some strange things to them (Genesis 3:16):


... with painful labor you will give birth to your children … and men shall rule over you …


We think:


Before the Flood:

-women did not bare children. Children were born through other means then we know today, for example in artificial wombs (something -again- our geniuses are working on);

- women had much more wisdom, consciousness and intellect then men (sorry guys);


We count on it: The one and only real God -although his appearance is beyond our immagination- will forgive us but here we have to use the plural form because in fact we are talking here about the so-called fake gods and about things they must have known about the real God. Ultimately this spiritual knowledge must have been written down by priests. But then again a lot must have been changed by egocentric men. So egocentric fantasy made it difficult to find the original truth about the real God -and by the way also about the so-called gods-. But we believe Plato learned us the essence of the real God: 'GOD is LIGHT. GOD is LOVE.'


After the Flood the gods said (Genesis 9;3) (Of course -just like genesis 3:16- this is one of the things the REAL GOD never would have said.)


All that lives and moves you can eat from now on. Just as we gave you the plants, we now give you the animals. But you have to treat animals with respect. (A little bit contradictory if you eat them but somewhere it makes sence.)


Not so difficult to see that before the Flood humans were forbidden by the gods to eat animals. (Although we doubt all humans followed their orders.)


This reminds us of the apparent guilt that prehistoric men had towards animals, and of the fact that the Vril-ya (see the chapter about Bulwer-Lytton) was committed to their well-being.


The gods clearly realized they had sinned against all life on this planet. They must be rolling over in their (moon) graves if they knew how some of us treat animals these days.


The conditions of mother earth had degenerated the soul of the gods. And to make matters worse, a mutant from the south of France - despite the clashing rhesus factors- had made an alarming progression.


Something very big had to happen.


As a remark:


Undoubtedly, 'special' people just about everywhere in the world walked the same path as the 'Cro Magnon' (although we think that the Cro Magnon must have been very special). In our opinion, the result of worldwide irresponsible genetic experiments by the gods. Gods that were scattered around the world (as Plato said) but that we think were connected in a futuristic way. It must be said that history repeats itself, also in the field of 'common thinking', whether or not through 'reverse engineering'. (Communication by brainwaves is not that far away anymore. Mind you, we see roughly 200 years as 'close'.)