negative rhesus factor - blood type - o negative


Negative rhesus factor



After much research and as usual much controversies there seems to be only one species on this planet with a negative rhesus factor: humans.


Forget the mules.


A mother with RH- makes antibodies if her child is RH+, so that without modern intervention the next child makes little chance to be born. A phenomenon that seems not from this world, itís a possible (extra) sign that in the past our creators must have experimented with life on earth.


A little summary:


Only if the mother is RH- thereís a problem.


This means that the mother has two negative genes. If one of the genes would be positive than the mother wouldnít be RH- but RH+ because the positive gene is dominant.


Letís say r is the negative gene:


If one has rr (= two genes negative) he or she would be Rhesusnegative = RH-


Rr (or rR) = one gene positive = RH+


RR = two genes positive = RH+ (of course)


mother (rr) + father (Rr) -> child = rr (= negative) or rR (= positive) because mother and father give only one gene and one positive gene is enough to be RH+.


Mother (rr) + father (rr) -> child = rr (negative)


Population data around the world. The first number indicates the number of people with two negative genes, the second the number = people withe two positive genes (= positive) and the third the number with one negative and one positive two positive gene (= positive).


Basques: 35%/65%/60%

other Europeans: 16%/84%/40%

Americans with African blood: 7%/93%/26%

native Americans: 1%/99%/10%

Africans: 1%/99%/3%

Asians: 1%/99%/1%


Source: Wikipedia


Conclusion: It seems the negative rhesus comes from the region of the Pyrenees.



Basques have the highest negative rhesus factor. A coincidence? Probably not because Basques were isolated for thousands of years.


Negative rhesus -we believe- comes from the gods. The whole world seems to be conquered by the people living around the Mediterranean Sea. The region where most RH negative people live. The region where the most beautiful art ever was made. Where the most, the strongest and smartest people survived the Flood. (By the way: they conquered the world twice. The first time they started some 32.000 years ago. The second time they started after the Flood.)


Do we have proof? No of course not. Proof about the crucial things we wrote is in the hands of our leaders who take the world-guiding decisions. Decisions which are very complicated but ultimately, after many ups ands downs, will unite the world and will 'make' people having the same moral values all over the world. People of the future will be of a mixed race. In the end races, cultures and religions will become a universal mixture. This process is going on for about 6000 years ... is on the fast track at least for decades already ... and it is accelerating.


Erythroblastosis Fetalis, neonatal isoerythrolysis ... the internet is full of texts about clashing blood types. But we cannot shake off the idea that scholars make some efforts to neglect the fact that humans DO have some special trait where it concerns the absence of the D antigen on the short arm of the first chromosome.


One can say that also animals build allergic reactions (antigens) against their fetuses if there is a mismatch between the blood, but the negative rhesus in humans seems to us to be something you find ony in humans.


RH negative is special, especially O negative, that seems to be originally manipulated. O negative is the purest human blood. It cannot be cloned. O negative people are the only universal donor. And although controversial; they seem to have special personality traits (in general). (By the way we are O positive.)