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Near death experience



Near death experiences cannot be a real phenomenon.


That's what almost all scientists say.


But we thnk time has come for science to accept the fact that there are things that seem supernatural.


Near death experiences are one of them. There are too many cases that are inexplicable.


Nevertheless -what would you expect?- science tries to explain them. But they give so many differrent explanations that we lost track.


All we know is that near death experiences are a mystery.


Of course not everyone has a near death experience, but the internet is drawing our attention to the same characteristics of near death experiences all over the world. Characteristics that are always coming back. This can be no coincidence.


- the experiences exist for centuries;

- they are separate from any religious background or age;

- the mind seems to act apart from the body;

- there seem to be a tunnel with a bright white light;

- the light consists of consciousness and is peaceful;

- material things there are of no interest;

Most important to us: Many people independant of each other all over the world share another experience: They see themselves for example lying on the ground after a car accident, see and hear rescuers, know their injuries. They peacefully let scientists explain the phenomenon. As if they know better.


Ancient Egyptians saw the pharaoh as a god. They thought he could return to his body after death. They seemed to know for certain that once there were gods on earth and that the pharaoh was the reincarnation of one of those gods. That was a common conviction. More than a belief. Something tells us that people knew (from their priests) the gods could leave their body and return to it.


Witnesses explain: 'Everyone consisted of light.' 'We felt each other as if we were one and the same spirit.' As if this comes from the oldest religions ... or from Edgard Mitchell, James Irwin or Eugene Cernan ... when they stood on the moon.


People who have had a near death experience, donít care about what others are saying about them. Those who previously did not believe in life after death, suddenly no longer see death as an endpoint. The greatest atheists become very religious people (just like some astronauts who set foot on the moon). They care less about material things. The quiet certainty they demonstrate when they carry on with their lifes speaks for itself.