The moonbase, a discussion without ending

Update April 2018:



A moonbase has many advantages, no more doubt about that. One knows this for 60 years or more. The media has to publish about it because too many scientists are coming forward. But we think that the media by focusing on the costs obstruct the building of a moonbase. A simple way to convince the citizens because they care far more about their wallet than about a moonbase.


Not necessary to read the following links. It's all about the necessity of building a moonbase ... and the arguments for not building one. A sad situation if you ask us.


Some say the number of spaceships to buid a moonbase would be enormous. Astronomers would notice this immediately. But what if our real leaders did the job over a span of say about 40 years. Step by step? Or, why not, what if the moonbase was already standing by for about 12.000 years?


A reason for a moonbase not mentioned below: One could divert a dangerous incoming comet direction Earth without being seen. The panic on earth would be indescribable if people knew about such a comet.





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