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Why the Apollo program stopped? A shocking truth



If earth -long ago- has received visit from an alien civilization than there is evidence of it on the moon.


It looks like scholars are afraid to speak out this statement. Individuals including Ian Crawford from Birkbeck College (University of London) had a few tricky questions, but the reply of his colleagues was nothing more than a deafening silence.


Who has an open mind, cannot ignore the possibility that earth ever had an alien visit. It is short-sighted to assume that men will discover alien intelligence within, say, 5000 years and at the same time reject the possibility that the earth was visited in the past by that same intelligent life. Moreover, it would be the most normal thing in the world as those visitors first landed on the sterile and safe moon, far away from viruses, bacteria and any other obstacles that could threaten them on earth.


However, the moon has practically no atmosphere. So all traces, even those of millions of years old, remain untouched (or almost untouched because there are meteorites and sort of space weather we are not going to discuss).