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Why Apollo program stopped? Secret moon bases


We ask ourselves: if private companies are now planning to go to the moon for a fraction of the cost NASA made us believe, the idea cannot be ignored that in the past 40 years there could have been a lot of secret missions to the moon. Let's say it straight: We think there are secret moon bases and superior technology on the moon ... for a long time. And let's go a step further: if there were bases on the far side of the moon, we even would not receive one radio signal: let alone we would see a rocket to be launched. Shortly said: we would see or receive nothing at all. (By the way: if needed communication could be made possible by a secret satellite orbiting the moon.)

In spite of what many people think, we are sure they could send missions to the moon without us knowing it. To us it's impossible to prove that such an immense project could stay a secret. But it doesn't have to be a secret. Just casting doubt over the project would be enough. To make a comparison; The US and Russia for example did hundreds of nuclear tests during the decennia after world war II. Thousands of people were involved. But did we knew about it? Yes and no. Authorities can always make a Yes/No game of a secret operation. And our real leaders have the power to push the result in the right direction if really necessary. But most of the time doubt will do ...

If the test of the first atomic bomb had been a failure, we never would have known about it for sure. It would have been called 'a conspiracy theory' ...

The Vela incident. How many nuclear tests were done? No one knows. How many rockets to the moon were launched? same answer ...



Authorities have the right to keep those missions top secret.

Executive order 12958

Executive order 13526


Update April 2018: A thread from a 'conspiracy website' we like very much. There is obviously no proof but we accept the possibility of the existence of a secret moon base. And maybe you will agree. Please set aside your prejudices if you have some. Notice that we don't agree with everything written in those threads. So a clear photo of a moon base would be a little too much of a good thing.


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