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Why the Apollo program stopped? Michael Douglas Griffin and Mitt Romney



Michael Douglas Griffin, a NASA boss and a great man, probably said once too much that the greatest mistake America made was not to have a moonbase for twenty or more years.


A lot of what Griffin once said has disappeared from the internet. Even Wikipedia has left away over the years important messages from him. That he was a proponent of a moonbase is public knowledge. But as you know a moonbase will stay a public dream for a long time to come.


Mitt Romney, a republican, related to six presidents, a man with an immense influence once said he would fire everyone who was stubborn enough to insist on a moonbase.


Griffin stepped back under pressure. You don't have to be a visionary to see that.


By the way, he more than once said that the costs of a moonbase were grossly overrated.


Michael Griffin is NOT a member of the real rulers ... you can be sure about that. But we are not so sure about Mitt Romney ...


Update March 2016: Mitt Romney, close friend of the Bush Clan, close friend of so many mighty people that it would take us a whole book to name them all, gave such a passionate speech against Trump. A speech full of devotion he never seemed to have had during his own campaign for presidency in 2012. Is it because a president cannot be a member of the real leaders of this world? Strange that Romney plaid it low profile in 2012. As if he didnít wanted to become president. Now, 2016, Romney would defeat Trump Ö piece of cake we think Ö but Romney made himself crystal clear: 'I will never candidate for 2016'. Strange it was Romney who stood behind Trump in 2012. He rolled out a red carpet to his campaign for 2016. Now he is openly against Trump. We think if Clinton wins it would be a new milestone in history, and if Trump wins it would mean that globalization went a little too fast for many people. But after all it will continue ...


Was the first black president a surprise to Romney? We don't think so. As if it is all guided by an invisible hand, a hand that doesn't make any difference between democrats and republicans. A coincidence that this all suits in the spirit of this website?


Mr Romney appears to us a good man. Maybe he even doesn't know he is only a pawn on the chessboard, maybe he does know it, or maybe we are wrong about him ... But we are right when we say he doesn't want a moonbase. And that -if he was in power- he would fire a NASA boss who insists on asking for a moonbase. His own words. And be sure: he has the power.


Mitt Romney, among others, will not let humankind return to the moon. At least not yet. At some point it will be inevitable given the increasing pressure from the people ... science ... and some politicians. But apparently there is still a lot to be done first. After 50 years, the evidence our creators left behind has apparently not been cleared away. That's what we think of it.


Real power acts behind the scenes. They influence the people who rule. Some compare Romney with Nelson Rockefeller. They say he will go down as a sad foot note in history. But written history is sometimes totally wrong.