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Why the Apollo program stopped? Elon Musk



Moon tourism? Companies like Space Adventures (there are more) are talking about it for years. The costs would be sky high for us normal citizens. But not for the many billionaires. No doubt in our mind that private companies can reach the moon for a fraction of the costs NASA made us believe. But will our real leaders allow private companies to launch a rocket to the moon?


And than there is SpaceX with Elon Musk as founder, CEO and lead designer ... a company we are not going to dwell on but which could surprise the world ... with the permission and under control of our real leaders. Without these conditions misfortune could be around the corner.


There are many people that achieved exceptional goals. Most of them have worked all their life to perform one great achievement. But there are some we admire -without putting them on a pedestal- for the many different gifts they seem to have. And for their audacity.


Elon Musk is gifted in many ways, multifunctional, brave, hard for himself and for his workforce, emotional ... sometimes. A billionaire, but he seems to have a genuine humble personality. And for sure, he's a man. Although we are stubborn in our concept that women -generally spoken- are superior to men ... in some way.


Elon Musk: Yes we admire him ... but we don't trust him ...


Elon Musk knows the future lies in space. He knows we have to colonize space. But about our moon he doesn't talk much. Why not? We don't know, but we know his greatest partner in space programs is NASA. And we know the real rulers (NASA, with such a peanuts budget, has become a child of the real rulers) don't want the moon to be colonized. Elon Musk (and NASA) are going to build a moonbase (again). 'By doing so we can explore Mars and space in general' (again that booring old story), a self-evident thruth expressed more than 50 years ago ...


According to Musk (and to NASA with a little reservation) we must soon colonize Mars. In fact, that's what we conclude when we read the interviews.


You became a mystery to us mister Musk if we read that you apparently don't see the need to colonize the moon, not even just a little bit. Believe us or not, but all problems about lunar habitats could be solved according to many scholars and then we even don't mention moon tunnels or glass domes. (Take note about the fact that those scolars aren't crying out loud to build a moonbase. Why not? Because they are afraid to lose their reputation.)


And when you said mr Musk that Mars is only 150 times further then our moon -every two years Earth and Mars reach their closest point- we even thought for a second that with your Tesla racing car you must have lost contact with the idea of distance.


ONLY 150 times? Is that your way of saying that reaching the moon must be -what all insiders probably know- just a piece of cake?


Strange man you are mr Musk, but maybe some advice? Some of our real leaders could see you as a threat, so stop with your space program ... or become a full-time employee of NASA (for example) ...


Update june 2020: We forgot to pay tribute to one of the other daredevils: Richard Branson. For years he want spacetravel, he want to fly around the moon. He has got already some broken dreams ... but he did not give up his plans. Sadly, he (we mean his bussiness) will be a victim of the corona crisis. Elon musk is not so much a commercial flight bussinessman. Without his electric cars however, he would be nothing. That's why he hates hydrogen ... of course. Sadly for him: hydrogen cars are maybe just around the corner ... wait and see ...


Even Elon Musk can make mistakes.


The hydrogen car is a real threat to Musk.


All we want to say, is that all those who dream of making private trips to the moon -even in their wildest dreams- are oh so dependent of the real leaders in this world. You must realize that also about corona and hydrogen cars we have our suspicions. In other words: they can make or break just everyone. For those who 'really' plan to go to the moon: please take care.


PS: You may consider us paranoid, we can live with that. Because maybe we are.