EVA WAS EERST moon landings - China - Russia - Europe



Why the Apollo program stopped? Why no other super power have set foot on the moon



Shortly said: It will only happen with permission of the real leaders of this world. Even unmanned missions are under their control.


Will Chinese, Russians or Europeans take over the manned moon landings -annex- moonbase program? First of all: a moonbase program we exclude. That would be too much of a good thing. But maybe the real leaders behind the scenes have some safe heavens on the moon -they have had enough time to create them- where they can let astronauts of other super nations take a walk. But whatever, it will be under extreme supervision of those leaders.


We would not be surprised if the leaders of those super powers would say the same American presidents said in the past. 'In a few years we will be walking on the moon’. Or: ‘In ten years we will have a moonbase’. Those words we heard so many times before. But when time goes by: ‘We are in the middle of a financial crisis, our moon landing program cannot go on’.


After an economic boom there always comes a crisis. During a boom you make a promise you know you cannot hold. So during a crisis you recall that promise. Simple but efficient. People have other things in mind than a moon landing in the middle of a financial crisis.


By the way: There are some Chinese and Russians too that belong to the real rulers.


Did you notice how far Chinese December 2013 lunar unmanned mission landed from American sites?

It's a mystery to us why after two generations no man nor woman walked on the moon again. Although it's hidden in the humans genes: every generation tries to do better than the previous. Why the same doesn’t count for the manned moon landings? Maybe your guess is better than ours, but we are sure a moonbase was a logical step further to surpass the previous generation ... especially because that previous generation apparently was not able to hold its promises.