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Why the Apollo program stopped? Freemasons and Isis



A lot of astronauts are freemasons or they have links with them through their family.


On the Moon, Aldrin and Armstrong honored Isis (and Osiris). Isis, a name that stands for the greatest goddess ever walked on this earth (and on the moon). We think Osiris was just used for window dressing, because men in a lower position than a woman -even in this times- is not an evidence. Isis had wings in a lot of old sculptures and pictures. She has descended from heaven, gave mankind secret knowledge, was good and righteous, had a pure soul. She gave us her consciousness (the ankh cross). Isis was the goddess, the source of wisdom of the Egyptian priests, who were the teachers of some of the greatest men ever lived (Socrates, Plato, Jesus ...). She realised the most significant concept of most religions: the resurrection. Resurrection after wiping out the sins of mankind. That sounds familiar.


If you think about it you'll notice in the chapter 'Spaceship Moon' that the resurrection is in fact the rebirth of mankind after all sins were wiped out and after Jesus (Isis) gave His (Her) life for it. So it's probably a much more realistic issue than most of you may think.


Only, Isis was there long before Jesus.


And if you ask us: there were a lot of Isises around the world because according to Plato and according to the Egyptian priests the so called gods and the so called mother goddesses were present in a lot of important (holy) places of this planet. Only they were given a different name, but that's not important. [We have to use logical reasoning because Plato was a great man but he was afraid of the authorities and had to place men above women. Although he took an extremely progressive stance about women, he didn't cross the line. He knew what happened to his mentor.]


By the way: Isis is everywhere. Not only Washington (see chapter 'Novo Ordo Seclorum') but also Paris has a link with Isis.


An Isis-China connection? See: https://isiopolis.com/2020/11/28/chinese-isis/



Isis is a holy name to the real rulers of this world. So it's not a coincidence the first astronauts paid tribute to her. Though NASA told us a little lie: 'The tribute was a personal initiative of the astronauts.'


Paranormal experiments on the moon? Hard to deny, since top leaders have admitted it. 'But they were a personal initiative.'


The ambitious first words (giant leap)? 'A personal initiative'


Luminous bulbs? 'Space debris'


Consciousness problems? ‘Hallucinations’.


All according to NASA.


Yeah yeah …