EVA WAS EERST moon landings - NASA - tunnels on the moon - alien technology



Why the Apollo program stopped? Tunnels, caves and glass domes on the moon



The moon is full of tunnels domes and caves. (Further you will remark that we will mostly only use the word 'tunnel' while we also mean the domes and caves. It is not such a big deal.)


Tunnels -some are immense- could be a perfect moonbase. Also for our ancient creators they could have been a perfect base. And we are almost sure the moon landings revealed many moon tunnels that once have been used as bases by our creators. Nasa knew where some tunnels were situated. Besides its relatively easy to find a tunnel. Temperature above such a tunnel betrays its existence. Further, old pictures sometimes reveal some irregularities on the moon's surface that point to collapsed parts of lava tunnels. So the not collapsed parts still must be intact. Also with radio waves tunnels on the moon are detectable ...


The Apollo program used radio waves. We are relatively sure the technical means were far more advanced in 1969 than many people believe.


Update 2017: In the news: Lava tunnel discovered by Japan ... such tunnels were known by NASA in 1969.


Are there glass domes on the moon?


During the 1960s the domed city concept was widely discussed outside the confines of science fiction.


We believe those domes exist already for a long time ... on the moon. Constructed by our creators.


Now our geniuses even talk (again after 50 years) about building those glass domes. Nanotechnology will be used to produce flexible glass to protect them from a lot of dangers (for instance dangerous rays from the sun).


Richard Hoagland may be exaggerating, but some things of what he says make sense ... if you believe in the ancient aliens theory.


By the way, Hoagland is not the only one who believes in glass domes on the moon. Heís a lunatic according to many, but the man has an admirable perseverance -or is a stubborn die hard- (depending the angle you are looking at him). Admittedly, the sites we are referring to are not scientific. But we can safely assume real scientists never would come forward saying: there are probably glass domes on the moon. Their reputation would be burned to the ground.


Only donít hope that a disclosure about for example the existence of underground tunnels and bases on the moon is just around the corner. That would be naive. NASA wants us to discuss about the moon or Mars and the pictures they are publishing. A yes/no discussion is something that fits in their strategy to spread contradictions. And it certainly makes it possible to postpone a disclosure.


Yes we think our real rulers know about structures on the moon and maybe on Mars or even another planet in our solar system. We think they know about it, because our creators planned it that way. Hidden knowledge on Earth they coded, so only selected people (some of the smartest) would find it. And to be able to reach the moon, you must be a genius. In the moon landings' case geniuses were surrounded or employed by smart people. People who would make the link between extraterrestrial knowledge and the dangers this knowledge includes to Earth's population if it falls in the wrong hands. Our creators would have been stupid' not to have left our rulers everything they need to know, because their creation (human beings) would destroy themselves in no time if 'bad and ignorant people' would lay their hands on extraterrestrial knowledge.


It's true, egocentrism and the lust for power are almost almighty, but we think that in a group of smart people (our real leaders) the best solution will prevail. Besides, if things would go in the wrong direction we count on our real leaders to neutralize those evil forces ...


[We believe the 'let it happen' attitude of the production of nuclear bombs by several independent countries is a mistake our creators already made in the past. Our real leaders again did let it happen. (Maybe they had no other choice because of several possible reasons we are not going to discuss.) So, strange enough, we, at this moment, are once again in the same position our creators must have been at a certain time in the past. The possession of nuclear weapons has to be monopolized by a global authority that acts completely independent. An authority that has unconditional access to all nuclear facilities everywhere in the world and that has the power to destroy -if all other measures fail- those facilities. War and even the destruction of a nation could be the horrible consequence, but keep in mind that we are talking about the future of humanity.


By the way: If nuclear means are intended for peaceful use this authority could deliver everything necessary to each country.


But it must been said, we are not out of the woods yet, and maybe there is a far better and more peaceful solution than we can think of ... We hope so ...]