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Why the moon program stopped? Armstrong the sad hero



Anyone committed with the subject knows the rumors that especially Armstrong was overthrown with what he saw on the moon. Communication with the outside world became interrupted. Nonetheless, some specialized radio amateurs have taken care of the conversations. According to those intercepted messages -later also according to confidential statements of initiates- Armstrong on the moon, has seen a strange light. And as if that wasn't enough: Near the landing module there were space ships that clearly were from an alien civilization. All in all not so crazy, because if alien visitors ever landed on the moon or later, on earth, they surely came not by foot. And they must have left a few space ships on the moon (on earth too, but we were not allowed to see them and if the Roswell story is true than chances are real one of them crashed.


Also other astronauts have seen those lights ... and seemed to have experienced what we might call paranormal feeelings. They behaved oddly after their moonlanding, to say the least.

Just a few examples out of many more: Armstrong took part in an expedition in 1976 An expedition that came very close to von Däniken's ideas about the extraterrestrial issue. He also made a weird speach on July 20 1994, Aldrin more than once got entangled during interviews. Not only his body language but also his words 'a bulb of light was following us' left us with a lot of questions. James Irwin began a search for Noah's Ark, Alan Bean seemed to be obsessed by the moon, Charles Duke started a church ... and about Edgar Mitchell, a very honorable man and a great American with a curriculum to make his critics jealous, we don't even say a word, because it would take a whole book.


Update: September 2012 (note that we don't update our site all the time).

Something we must say: Why the death of Neil Armstrong (August 25 2012) got so little press coverage? He was a man who made world history. Why is he buried at sea? Because he wanted that? And why he wanted that? He was a humble man. But not so humble as they made us believe. He fought in the Korean war and was very pleased with all the decorations he got. Though he seemed a tormented man. Who shall say why he really wanted to be buried at sea? Maybe he decided that he didn't deserve the honor they would give him after death, so his grave could not become a place of pilgrimage, because it would be the summit of hypocrisy after a period of more than forty years of carrying the greatest secret in human history with him.


Although we think he did the right thing. NASA's moon landings brought something to light that some people -those who can handle it- deserve to know but that would turn the world upside down. The truth would create a hunt for extraterrestrial knowledge, a hunt for more power, she would take the foothold (religion) away from millions of people. The power of the church would collapse just like those of so many powerful men. Maybe, just maybe, a struggle between women and men would emerge ...


Maybe its better to go step by step and let the truth find it's way over a few hundreds of years.


Besides: Astronauts are screened by all means … they swore precious oaths of secrecy to NASA, especially about everything they could encounter on the moon. We think they were not so fascinated by space or the view on planet Earth but that they were overwhelmed by something totally different.