EVA WAS EERST moon landings - NASA - moonbase - popularity - golden record



Why the apollo program stopped? Other reasons


Was a lack of popularity the reason?


Lack of popularity was almost ten years after the space flight of Tereshkova one of the reasons for the termination of the Apollo project. People no longer took for granted they had spent too much tax money. Why the real rulers did no real effort to stir up interest of the people? Only God knows. One woman (poor thing) on the moon would have boosted popularity in a way never seen before. But, incredible but true, NASA left astronauts dancing, singing, playing golf ... and make embarrassing movements on the moon, as if they were clowns -an odd group of 12 apostles if you ask us-. Clowns only stupid tax payers could laugh with. The average citizens didnít laugh. It was their money they were playing with. Why NASA did let those things happen? Actually, it appears popularity had to go DOWN instead of up ... The lower the popularity, the easier one could end the Apollo project. So moon landings and moonbase could wait indefinetely.


Later NASA dispatched golden messages in space. Again wasted tax money.


Why NASA has send LP records and a signpost to earth into space? If aliens would find it, they could come to visit ... and destroy us. Why NASA took that risk? We think they knew what they did. By the way: a golden record? Whatever the reason to cover the record with gold, the word 'gold' would feed thoughts about how NASA wasted tax money ...


If our creators came out of the neighborhood of (a star like) Scholz's star (see another chapter), it is not impossible that they 'fertilized' (maybe some would say: 'poisoned') other earthlike planets. So the interstellar war great people have warned us for in the past, is possibly not a fantasy. But we are fairly sure our leaders know that there is no intelligent lifeform in our solar system and beyond that can compete with humanity. Although who knows if some time another Scholz's star passes ...

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