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Why the Apollo program stopped: The hunt for extraterrestrial knowledge



Did astronauts really set foot on the moon?


Yes, we are convinced. If NASA didnít went to the moon, that would have been the greatest opportunity for Russians and others to ridicule the USA. Geniuses in Russia or China for example would prove moon landings were fake. Bud they did not. By the way NASA plans to go to Mars. Why would they plan to go to Mars if they not even reached the moon in the past?


Better question: Why they stopped the Apollo program and never restarted it?


Superpowers can deceive people and that is what superpowers sometimes do. Pictures of the moon are obviously manipulated. One of the reasons many people think the manned moon landings were a hoax. But to us they were real. Only, what they found on the moon was not meant to be seen by sensible viewers. So there are undoubtedly a lot of pictures we will never see. But maybe there are a lot on the not published pictures we better donít see. The reason? Publishing everything would not be a good idea for most people because of more than one reason. (The real leaders of this world act behind the scenes and are not as egocentric as some people think.)


We are not going to dwell on the space race. Fact is that Americans thanks to operation Paperclip got a lot of advantage and that the more time went by, they realised that on the moon they could find something so incredible that the discoverers would become upper mighty. Kennedy probably knew it too. Extraterrestrial knowledge would change the world.


Some say: in plain cold war Kennedy made a proposal to cooperate with the Soviets to land on the moon.


So maybe there was cooperation between NASA and the Soviets but we believe that what Americans found on the moon is in the hands of the real leaders of this planet.


The moon was a no brainer in 50ís and 60ís. A NASA moonbase was of course the most necessary. Plans were made many years before the first moon landing. After the moonbase Mars would follow soon. NASA got all the means she needed.


Apolloís landed on the moon. NASA would never reach so much success.


It is now unimaginable why they canceled everything -so to speak- in the blink of an eye ...

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