EVA WAS EERST soul - fire



The fire of the soul



Is the soul 'The Holy Spirit'? (Note that in the bible only humans have a soul.) And does 'The Holy Spirit' comes in the form of a burning fire? There seems to be little doubt about that. Although it is sometimes difficult to know if the word Fire is meant literally or metaphorically, we should at least take into account the literally meaning.


As we said -agreed, maybe a little too much- all genuine thoughts about the soul come from the Egyptian priests. But they too were humans and must have made mistakes, just like their pupils, the old philosophers like Plato, Democritus and many others ... So it cannot be a surprise that the old philosophers added their own thoughts to the core of their knowledge and as a consequence sometimes disagreed. But almost always the fire of the soul seems to come back.


According to Democritus the human soul exists out of a special kind of fire atoms. The Void is the medium that allows those atoms to fly through it. Just like so many other philosophers Democritus said the soul is immortal. After death she falls apart in fire atoms to form a new soul.


To us it's impossible that the oldest philosophers knew about the existence of for example atoms. Democritus also talked about The Void, Plato about The Eather ... They knew about many other things they simply couldn't have known about without prior knowledge. They were far too much ahead of their time. Even Einstein seems to have lost track about The Eather. Now there is Dark Energy, but it would not surprise us if science one day will discover that after all The Eather was not such a bad description of the most abundant 'noThing' in the universe. Keep in mind: Einstein stood on the shoulders of giants (his words). Plato too must have stood on the shoulders of giants.


Plato claimed the soul is spherical. Fire (sometimes in the form of a Light) seems to play a crucial role when he talks about the soul. He teached also that every soul has a home star. And since stars are usually balls of plasma, we should conclude that the soul (or at least the good part of the soul) must be made of plasma too. Our theory: A little plasma ball (an individual soul) first joins a common plasma ball which in turn travels to an immense plasma ball. Something to think about if you accept the idea that 'spherical soul clusters' -the ultimate life form- can travel to each star very easily (see later in another chapter).


To the stoic the soul is also spherical. She consist out of fire and air. After death the fire joins a great Fire in heaven ...


The red wire through all philosophy: Our soul does not come from this star system, she is a spherical, separate entity, is immortal and after the body dies she disappears in heaven to join an immense light and heat.


Remarkable that not so long ago scientists discovered that plasma can contain a yet unknown life form consisting of (also) yet unknown particles smaller than an atom. Remarkable also that other scientists (Stephen Hawking among others) predict that in the future we will be able to separate mind from body. As if one day there will be proof the old philosophers and old Egyptian priests (who speak to us through their pupils) were not so far from the truth.