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May 2015



Human evolution



My site is written only by myself, although I use almost always the plural form. But I want to stay anonymous, so plural form or not, it makes little difference.


Iím 50+ now and maybe time had come to do what I had to do. Writing this Ďbookí. Although Ií m not a writer, but I did the best I could, and really I have no illusions about being believed. Just see my writings as a product of my imagination, and that of others on the internet. In my heart I hope one day the media will pay as much attention on the ideas of human evolution as they pay attention to the trivial TV programs and games they are broadcasting now.


I searched an answer about human evolution myself. An answer that could be wrong, but itís one where I believe in. And please donít underestimate the years of research I did, the many different Ďtruthsí I found on the internet, the many doubts and the many hoaxes. As if an invisible hand loves to bring confusion about our evolution (itís all where human evolution turns around: confusion). I'm not an expert but I hope you will respect my meaning -my belief-.


My writings also helped me accept death. I'm finally at peace with myself and with everything I reached in life.


Note that I wrote my site originally in 2009 in the Dutch language, I updated my texts several times and finally I translated -what I thought- the most important things in English. I hope you will understand that not everything will be a 'good translation'. But again, I did the best I could.


One question I used to ask myself: Why so many people seem to be only interested in their own little world?


I understand that in the middle ages for example people had to worry about food and survival and a minimum of comfort. So there was no time to think about existential questions. The happy few which had everything they wanted were only interested in increasing their power. And the very few who thought truly about life were almost not heard. While those who dared speak out loud about a kind of alien intervention had to face a horrible death. Even those who dared to speak about equality between men and women suffered the same fate.


Now, in spite of economic crisis, there are millions of people who donít have to worry about food and comfort and despite that, they only seem to think about their ego, they want to be better than others. It seems that hunger for power and material things never ends.


Maybe the internet will change the world. It's alerting the world about injustices. You even see that a growing mass of people starts thinking about life, even about the fact that humans are too special to fit in Darwinís theory of evolution.


The real truth seems to be dynamic. She comes and goes. Why some truths are accepted and others not, is a question I only can solve if I believe in a machinery that works above our heads. If you do some effort you will notice that many things that always were directed from above as being the truth, suddenly seem to have a lot of lacunas. Think about medicines, about life style, about the safety of banks, and yes about human evolution.


The latter, you hear little about. Darwinís theory of evolution was and still is the only one seen as the truth. But if you look further into the issue, you will notice that Ďin the beginningí there was more than just Darwin.


When I say that women are superior to men, I donít see superiority in the same way you (probably) see it. Although women deserve it to be seen as superior to men, if you take into account the thousands of years they have been suppressed by men -they were forbidden to develop themselves-. Fact is that in many countries they still are no more than men's property. If you take all of that into consideration, itís almost a wonder that today a woman's brain can compete with a man's brain. What if women for thousands of years should have had the same rights as men?


(July 2014)