EVA WAS EERST HAARP - crop circles - ultra low frequency - ley lines





A short interlude about HAARP and ley lines







HAARP (foto: Wikipedia)



HAARP (High Frequency Active Aural Research Program) is a mysterious worldwide project with headquarters in Alaska.


We believe the real rulers of this world are behind the project. The experiments are not secret. They say. But we are convinced some of them serve a secret goal.


Through antennas they convert electricity into high frequency radio waves which are send to the ionosphere to convert them into ultralow frequencies. By the way they also send these waves to the moon.



Some futuristic but yet unclear objectives:


- making an inexhaustible source of energy;

- influencing weather patterns;

- making an ultimate weapon by using plasma rays;

- destroying enemy rockets by controlling electronic systems;

- better communication channels;

- discovering underground earth tunnels;

- influencing the minds of people;

- ...



Could it be HAARP is joking with us by making these crop circles? (source: Wikipedia)


HAARP seems to lead us into a time where people will communicate like the so-called gods did a long time ago: through ultralow frequencies. The same our brains are making. In other words a paranormal way of communication which gives us an answer why it took so long before written text were invented.


The paranormal issue disappeared after the Great Flood. Spoken language would replace it.



Ley lines


Alfred Watkins (1855-1935), a photographer and archeologist made a strange discovery. He noted that a great part of ancient places on earth followed a straight line. No matter if there were mountains or seas in between.


Pseudoscience according to real scientists. But after all we think Watkins was right. We think there even may be a connection between Ley, Lai (The coming race), HAARP and Plasma.


But donít expect Watkins to be given the honor he deserves. Then Pandora's box could be opened.


Plato, Da Vinci, Bulwer-Lytton, Alfred Wallace, Nikola Tesla, and so on Ö some of them were given the credit they deserved, but their extraterrestrial hints were kept out of the books or were made subject of a conspiracy theory.