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Update 2019



The Lunar Gateway



Hello second rabbit (see chapter about the marsbase).



Now NASA wants a spacecraft in a Lunar orbit. A new idea that is apparently not a good idea. Only if they want to keep people away from the moon, or delay (again) all initiatives to send people directly to the moon, the idea could be taken into account. By the way, the orbit would be very elliptical with a distance between 1500 km and 75000 km away from the moon surface.


Some have found many disadvantages for a spacecraft in orbit of the moon.


Why not simply build several moon bases and make a launch platform for rockets. Why not making a lunar rocket factory? It would be doable if they had done in twenty years what they had promised in the sixties to do in ten years.


You will notice that we do not agree with everything written in the article we are referring to.


We believe lunar moon bases, lunar factories ... or in short: At least a partial Colonization of the Moon should have been a fact by now, almost fifty (50!) years after the first manned moon landing.


If authorities had kept their promises, there would have been real moon cities today, There would be mining, there would be factories -among them rocket factories- and so on.


But, as you know, they didn't kept their promises. (And that was not because of the lack of money, but because of ... please take a alternative educated guess.)


Note: Keep in mind that we are convinced of the fact that a future moonbase is unavoidable. Because they cannot continue to postpone the inevitable. It will be a lunar base that will be limited to the strict minimum. It will be built in a safe, controled place by those who really rule the world, after all precautions have been taken. Fact is: the lunar base should have been there for at least several decades.



We like to add something different to think about. By the way: we know that a manned moon landing is still another challenge ... Japan lands for the second time on an asteroid many million miles away from Earth. Be sure that the spacecraft will return safely from the oh so small heavenly body, so incredibly far away ...