EVA WAS EERST Ancient extraterrestrial astronauts



Ancient extraterrestrial astronauts



Update February 2018: The site we refer to here is a conspiracy site. But from time to time you can find real masterpieces, conspiracy site or not.


A youtube fragment:



We think it took 6000 years for the first civilizations to emerge after the Flood. But that does not mean that some isolated groups of people could have pictured some laggards of our degenerated creators.


By the way: The Nazca lines remain a mystery. Another indication of the fact that ancient civilizations did believe in the gods for good reason. Why make giant drawings in the earth? Drawings whose sole purpose was for the gods to see them from 'heaven'. (We believe that somewhat similar eye-catchers were made around the world. However, only in Peru they have been spared by special circumstances.)



Please draw your own conclusions.