EVA WAS EERST Earth - intelligent life - catastrophes



Planet Earth




Life on Earth has an immense diversity. Hundreds of millions of years by successive catastrophes left it no other choice. So the philosophy of -it must been said ‘good people’- that we have to live more in harmony with nature, is just an illusion. The predator/prey balance on planet Earth is a kind of system that stimulates diversification. Animals hurt and eat each other in the most cruel ways. Only ... you cannot blame them. It is their 'nature'.


All their cruelty has but one goal: the pursuit of a huge diversity. So that some life forms would survive after the next world catastrophe.


That diversification, however, has a price: intelligence or the existence of a consciousness, a ‘soul’ (as in humans), can never have developed on earth. Life on earth is too fragmented and if species were not killed by huge catastrophes at least they made/make a gigantic setback from time to time.


Life maintains itself not only thanks to, but also in spite of mother earth.


Animals and plants (also plants kill each other) are innocent because they have no soul, no real consciousness. Maybe they communicate in a way scientists still have to figure out, but we believe animals only possess the germs of consciousness. Germs that don't thrive on earh. Some germs have grown a little bit more than others, but that's it.


The difference between the instinct of animals and the consciousness of humans is too big … is unbelievable gigantic ... too gigantic to be normal.


Human consciousness did not evolve on earth. There is simply not enough time left between two mega catastrophes to acquire a human consciousness.


Material beauty for example is just a means to diversify. It's an earthly feature and has nothing to do with the higher being in everyone of us.


The power of the soul is the only thing that counts ...