EVA WAS EERST Climate change - Global warming - sulphur - CO2 - forest fires



That mankind plays a role in global warming, we do not argue.


But there are renowned scientists who are sceptical.


We think humans, may contribute to global warming by their well-known activities. On the other hand, however, humans do efforts, probably also secret efforts to combat global warming.



Climate change



Some great scholars allow they are puzzled by global warming. For prehistoric climate changes they always had an explanation: it was a comet, a volcanic eruption, the axis of the earth, the power of the sun … Now models point to global cooling and yet earth is warming up. So humans must be the culprits.


That we disrupt nature, is true of course, but some scientists even say that modern men have limited the increase of greenhouse gases: ‘Historical deforestation and extinguishing forest fires keep greenhouse gases low. Uncontrolled forest fires would spark greenhouse gasses, and when the world was full of trees, in a world without modern men, what would have happened than? Once upone a time forest fires must have been incedible."


Certain is that only a fraction of carbon dioxide contributes to greenhouse gases. Atmosphere exists about some 0.037 percent of carbon dioxide, a record over the last millions of years, a depth record.



An overview of the CO2 content during the last 500 million years (source: Rothman https://www.pnas.org/content/99/7/4167.full).


Water vapor is the major supplier with an average of two percent of greenhouse gases. Logical, since the Earth is nearly completely covered with water. A small global temperature rise however, could start a chain reaction and contribute more and more to greenhouse gases (especially by evaporation of oceans). More warming, more greenhouse gases, and so on.


But that only man-made carbon dioxide is causing that extra bit of warmth, is quite doubtful when we consider that also Mars, Jupiter and other celestial bodies in our solar system are warming up. Also our moon is warming up … That can be concluded from the data of the the intstruments the Apollo's left behind.

Things the media seem to be ignoring.


Update December 2015: Sorry the link https://www.diviner.ucla.edu/docs/2650.pdf is not giving us the original explanation anymore. Though it was a very good article. So we give you another link that could explain a lot.


Strange that suddenly they find reasons why other planets and moons in our solar system seem to be warming up. Or they find reasons to claim there is a kind of misunderstanding. But about our moon they remain very silent. Although they undoubtedly follow for many, many years the evolution of the temperature on the moon.


Jupiter is warming up, just like Mars and Triton? It seems like our whole solar system is warming up.


Some say there is still an unknown planet in our solar system. This planet -planet X- follows an elliptical orbit around the sun and could be the cause of regular climate change. This planet could also be the reason why there are some anomalies in our solar system that no one seems to be able to explain. We don't know, but we think climate changes comes and go. Our solar system hurtles through space at a speed of 720,000 km/h. Who can say what external forces act upon the planets during this journey?