EVA WAS EERST HAARP - crop circles - ultra low frequency - ley lines





White lights are everywhere in space



Around the moon there are white lights which are incredibly maneuverable, can suddenly disappear and pop up somewhere else. Armstrong, Mitchell, Irwin ... they seemed overwhelmed by these strange lights. Were those lights 'loaded' with consciousness? Are those lights everywhere in space? Are those lights the so called UFO's? Thousands of UFO’s, everywhere in the world, seem to behave like the luminous spheres on and around the moon. Can there be a link?


There's a red line through all experiences of the twenty four men who ever have been in the vicinity of the moon: as if their consciousness was leaving their body. Is there in every one of us a light the Egyptians (and Plato and Jezus ...) knew about … is it the same energy force Bulwer-Lytton talked about in his Coming Race (the Vril)? Scholars 1950s and 1960s thought that the white lights were alien space crafts with a base that could not be here on earth. But also scholars can be mistaken. Certainly when it comes to spiritual phenomena. In other words: the white lights are no space crafts, certainly not in the material sense of the word.


UFOs are not alien spacecrafts, but plasma bulbs -in some cases- animated by subatomic particles. In other words: a plasma medium can (not in all cases) be a quantum world for the individual soul. A world where all souls reunite. UFOs are not the space ships nazi’s talked about. Indeed real great men like von Braun, Riedel, Hillenkoetter, Mac Arthur, Marshall, Kennedy (yes), … talked about it too. Operation Paperclip was a godsend for the real rulers of this planet. With the moon landings a lot of things became clear (for the real rulers).


That our creators implanted a sort of quantum computer in the brains of Homo sapiens and restyled him, is not new for a lot of us. Probably our geniuses have already unraveled that computer but if they ever will be able to find the god particle (not that of mister Peter Higgs) is another question. [Human consciousness can be a kind of quantum computer, implanted in our DNA, which multiplies itself with mankind.] If some so-called UFO’s consist of consciousness, then it is not surprising that they incite spiritual experiences in sensitive individuals. It would certainly explain a lot, from near death experiences and other paranormal sensations to the abrupt cessation of the Apollo project. It also explains why women never landed on the moon, because it seems that most women are more susceptible for spiritual incentives than men. In the 60s women faced a great future in space: less health problems, less weight, less waste … a lot of promises … but they never went to the moon. Why not? (That all astronauts had to be chosen among military men is a bad excuse.)


Some ideas have to be wrapped up in fantasy first before they can become reality in peoples mind (some movies, books ... are used to prepare us for something that could become reality).