EVA WAS EERST The Bible - women - Eve - Adam



You have no soul. You áre a soul. You have a body ... (Charles Staples Lewis, Irish writer)



Eve came first



The original gods were genderless. They came out of heaven and made human beings that resembled their own image out of female earthly creatures. We think this all happened some 75.000 yaers ago.


But we also think that some 33.000 years later the gods realised their course on earth would become in danger. So they made a new creature that would be more adapted to earthly conditions. (Let's assume here the gods made a kind of mutant deliberately.)


Genesis 1:27: God created Adam and Eve.


We think it were the 'so-called gods' who created Adam and Eve.


Question is; Was Adam really the first? Eve is a mother figure. And according to the oldest Jewish ideas, she came before Adam. She was the top of creation. And we also think that Eve came first. (In Dutch: Eva was eerst.) And she was smarter and more competent than Adam.


Before The Flood: women were built to lead.


No need to say that everything changed after The Flood. Nature (egocentricity) took over. So men did not accept women to be more important. They falsified history -included the gender of the gods- in their favor. Women became men’s slaves.


Note that texts originally recorded in the Old Testament, named the first wife of Adam, Lilith. Lilith was a hairy ape. However, Adam felt attracted to Eve, a hairless woman. Quite possible that Adam himself was a hairy ape.


Before the Flood many thousands of Venus figures were made (because of a reason we don't know they are called venus figures).


The oldest? Some 32.000 years. And ALL are depicting a woman.


It always seems to be the same figure: a pregnant woman.


Let’s call her Eve.


According to the Old Testament Eve first was immortal. Let’s say she could reach an incredible old age. By eating the forbidden fruit, she became mortal. The forbidden fruit which was nothing more than the first sexual intercourse with a Homo Sapiens (the smartest ape on earth at that time).


Genesis (3: 16), God (in fact 'the so-called gods') speaks out the punishment for Eve’s sin: ... I will multiply your pain ... with smart you will give birth to your children ... and men will rule over you...


So God said it would hurt a lot to give birth in the future. We only can conclude that before, reproduction was not painful. As if before the Great Flood there was already a kind of reproductive cloning or an artificial womb (who knows). It would explain why so many women today have a pelvis too small to bare children.


Eve probably was born in the south of France. Strange that many (alternative) researchers refer to the south of France if they talk about the holy grail or about the offspring of Jesus. And don't forget the first cave painters. As we said in another chapter: Walk with all art, all over the world on a time scale back in time and you will find yourself in the south of France.


The Bible is based on the old Egyptian religion which in its turn is based on the secret knowledge of the Egyptian priests, the founders of the secret society that rules the world today. Those priests knew a lot about the gods who lived thousands of years earlier. From those gods they learned about the one and only God, the super power to whom our souls belong.