EVA WAS EERST UFO's - lights - astronauts - ancient times






UFOs are of all times. The Bible refers countless times to eccentric lights in the sky. Sometimes these luminous clouds seem to transport angels, then again it’ s God himself they carry with them. In fact a lot of ancient stories talk about things we today are calling UFO’s.


Hundreds of detailed descriptions before Christ till roughly the 1900 rds are reporting mysterious lights. In 1492 Christopher Columbus saw an UFO. It was a light that seemed to come out of the sea. He made a connection with a Jewish symbol and had to explain himself before the inquisition. However, the report is stored in the archives of the Vatican.


Famous astronomers were talking about unexplained lights high in the sky, with the same characteristics of today’s UFO’s. Edmond Halley, Gottfried Kirch ... they saw lights they could not identify. So those lights must have been very mysterious.


In the past reports on UFO's seemed to mention that they lived their own life. It looked like they had an own mind. They took incredible angles, had incredible speed, disappeared and came back without any possible explanation. And today witnesses talk about the same charasteristics. As if some UFO's exist since the beginning of time.


This is a screenshot of an UFO form that goes like a common thread through the internet. And if you take into account the uncountable witnesses -those from young and old astronauts as well as those from common people somewhat everywhere in the world- you will agree with us that this picture is probably not far from the image of the Real Thing.


We think these UFO's exist for billions of years.


Snakes, dragons, carpets, ships ... they were all flying and carying gods ... one finds them in all ancient stories all over the world. Usually they are noisy and breathing fire. According to pseudo scientists that’s because before the mega disasters there really were airplanes and spaceships. 'When a few decennia ago savage tribes saw supersonic aircraft, they described them as well as fire-breathing monsters.' (Now ‘savage’ tribes wear Puma or Adidas clothing. They know better).


The mega disasters cleaned up the world. It took some 6000 years before the new human got back on its feet. After such an immense time period the civilization of the gods had become a pipe dream. Something hidden in the twists and turns of the mind. Their planes for example became flying carpets or snakes.


After the mega disasters the real planes were gone ... the white (spiritual) lights remained.


In other words: there’s a huge difference between the planes that existed before the mega disasters 12.600 years ago and the lights that always have been there. The lights of which numerous witnesses claimed (claim) that they were caught by their spiritual power.


Strange that astronauts on the moon also saw mysterious lights and that some of them had consciousness problems.


Summarised: some UFO's seem to be spiritual light bulbs. Although today, with so many lights in the sky, it’s easy for debunkers to call an UFO a balloon or whatever.



We ask ourselves which role organizations like the masons or the church have played to minimise UFO reports. More than that, we are fairly sure that some machination -already since ancient times- downplays the UFO phenomenon.




A compilation (Update: December 2017)






Mysterious white clouds and a spacecraft. A painting from the 16th century in Palazzo Vecchio in Italy by an unknown painter –although some say the painter was Domenico Ghirlandaio-. Just like many of us today are thinking the painter must have thought: White lights come from material flying objects. Which is not always the case. (Sources: Wikipedia and http://www.crystalinks.com/ufohistory.html)