EVA WAS EERST Scholz's star - human evolution



Our mind is at this moment -even while locked up in our body- capable of influencing other minds … capable of traveling through time … to distant places … We must ask ourselves: What would minds be capable of if they could free themselves from their prison (think about Plato’s cave) and unite?



Scholz's star



The text of this section has another color because the fact that human intelligence could have come from a wandering star system cannot be refuted. No yes/no game here. The idea that intelligent life could be spreading through the cosmos by wandering star systems like Scholz's star is beyond any doubt fascinating. Note that we suspect that our creators were living on one of the panets of Scholz's star system. But if they came from another wandering system, that would make no difference. Our point is: the incredible human evolution -the missing link if you want- would be no mystery anymore if you believe in an intervention of beings from another planet which were far more evolved than earthly creatures. And a planet from Scholz's star system would have been a very good candidate as the home planet of our creators.



Scholz’ star flew through the Oort cloud about 75.000 years ago. The system has been discovered by Ralf-Dieter Scholz in November 2013. Now -February 2015- for the first time it appears in the World Press. Although all in all the media gives little attention to it (and so does the people).


Scholz's star system is a red star system that passed us at a distance of 0.8 light years away (54.000 AU).


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Notwithstanding the many articles very little is known about Scholz's star. Statistics about how many times such a system crosses our solar system are simply not reliable. It seems scientists are only guessing. But probably the system has some stable habitable planets. Add to this that red dwarfs are candidates for harboring intelligent life and the fact that the system passed only a moment ago (seen in evolutionary terms) just like human consciousness has shown up just a moment ago and you will understand why we believe that our creators came from Scholz's star system. The system fits in our puzzle of human evolution. It fits in an almost incredible way.


The system was about 30.000 years in our neighborhood. Time enough for some inhabitants to buy a one way ticket to planet Earth. In other words, they did the same many people today would do if it's for example about going to Mars (of all places): jumping on a one way ticket. Though not surprising if you take into account that we do and invent so many things our creators also did. Our compulsion to look at the stars and to visit other planets is simply hidden in our (manipulated) genes.


Scholz's star makes our belief stronger. The gods were astronauts (credit to Erich von Däniken). And maybe they only had a one way ticket, because once landed on earth they would not have been allowed to return to their own planet because of the risk of bringing home some strange illnesses. Again the same view our leaders today would take into consideration ...


Indeed the Real God -a supernatural power beyond comprehension- must have created everything. But the technical creation of humans out of earthly beings took place by the gods let’s say some 70.000 years ago. Then some 12.600 years ago a catastrophic event destroyed humanity and its (multiple) civilizations. Humanity went through a bottleneck during more than 6000 years but eventually a new civilization arose. It could be described as the Resurrection.


Chances are real that the gods already could separate mind from body (and that they at this moment at 20 light years away can do much more).


If they can separate mind from body and bundle their consciousness in clouds that travel through wormholes they could visit earth from time to time and influence our learders minds at this very moment.


It would be reasonable that if you created a special kind of being you feel inquisitive and responsible for the evolution of that being. Especially if you are a good soul.


To see Scholz' star 20 light years away, you have to look (with a telescope) in the direction of the star cluster Monoceros (Unicorn). That cluster is located between Orion and Sirius.


Orion and Sirius?


According to the ancient Egyptians that were the stars where the gods came from. It seems to be rather the direction in which they disappeared. Of course the gods knew in which direction their home star would travel. And probably they knew long before the Flood they had to leave a signpost (and much more) to inform the new human that would arise.


The constellation of Monoceros (Unicorn) lies in the middle of the giant clock we call precession and whereby Orion and Sirius play an important role. Orion goes once up and down during 26.000 years while Sirius seems to be a star which does not precess, though she is very important to calculate time.


It seems the gods knew what they did when they created a giant clock and at the same time, a signpoint. All very mysterious, but than again: the gods were smart and complicated. And the real leaders of this world are smart and complicated too.


Humans are living in a star system that is not safe enough, despite the survival techniques our creators have left us.


Other systems are too far away.


The best thing we can do is making earth a safer place -with another planet in our solar system as a rescue heaven-. Although waiting until another Scholz’s star passes and colonize a planet of that system would be the perfect scenario, but that is wishful thinking, not to mention a pie in the sky.