We pay tribute to Sitchin but we disagree at some points (hoping he would forgive us).


We are getting ahead of ourselves but that doesn't matter:

We believe:

- Scholz's star system = where the gods came from.

- Planet X = a planet with an elliptical orbit around the sun. A planet only our real leaders know about for sure. Note that planet X is not Nibiru.

- Nibiru = our moon = the dark sun = the winged disk.

- Other planets? = maybe there are still other unknown planets than Planet X in our solar system.


As you see, it's a little confusing, but it's how we see it. For certain you will have to put some pieces together. We think -just as the old Sumerians did- Sitchin mixed up some things, but to us he was an eye opener and an intelligent man.



Planet X, A growing suspicion



The discovery of yet another new dwarf planet, the strange orbit, and the strange orbits of other celestial bodies make many astronomers again to believe what other astronomers believed a long time ago: Our solar system is more complicated than we think.


Maybe you know that Saturn has 833 times more volume than the Earth. Jupiter 1321 times. It must be not easy to find a planet say 4 times bigger in volume than earth. But there are rumors.


A planet 4 to 5 times the volume of earth at 150 AU? (see last part of the article).


Famous astronomers begin to doubt.


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Update: October 2015.