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Update March 2014: This month NASA reported that the Wise telescope ruled out the possibility of a Saturn-sized object at 10.000 AU (astronomical units)(Saturn is some 750 times bigger than earth) and a Jupiter-sized object at 26.000 AU.


But as you know: we don't believe everything NASA says. Besides there are a few problems with what they say: First: a star in the background of a big planet or even a sub-brown dwarf could disturb the observations. And they seem to be playing with terms like 'mass' and 'size'. For example: A sub-brown dwarf shrinks and cools with age. Mass is growing and size becomes smaller. So small that nobody even knows for sure how small it can become.


Just an article as a remark.


And another one. Note that a circular orbit is very hypothetical.





In the land of the blind ...



The real rulers of this world are looking for hidden planets or even a sub-brown dwarf in our solar system, let’s say as far as one light year away.


Some say they are far too optimistic: ‘They can discover those celestial bodies but even up to a distance of a fraction of a light year they easily could miss it.’


We -and a lot of others- are convinced they already found a giant planet or maybe a sub-brown dwarf years and years ago. They knew about it from secret knowledge.


As the one-eyed man in the land of the blind -we are talking about the real rulers with their superior technology- they someday will admit there hides a giant planet (or even a sub brown dwarf) in our back yard.


NASA who said for a long time an unknown planet in our solar system is just crazy, later were downplaying their words … but a planet so far from the sun would be extremely cold ... never could contain liquid water … never could harbor life … let alone intelligent life ... In the mean time they have contradicted a lot of things that never could have existed before (according to themselves).


Because all seems to be possible: the planet could be warm enough, intelligent life could thrive in methane (small sub-brown dwarfs contain much methane), there could be a sub-brown dwarf creating it's own warmth ...


But that possibility is very small ... according to NASA.


We couldn't believe that a planet far from the sun can be warm enough and searched the internet.


Even great skeptics began to doubt after 29 September 2011. NASA seems to prepare us. Go to minute 4 in the following clip. Maybe you'll notice the discomfort on the chairs and perhaps you pose yourself the same question as we did after the conference: 'how long we still have to wait before they let us know they found a new planet in our solar system?'





Famous astronomers about Tyche.

Andy Lloyd a 'pseudo scientist' but maybe he’s not so far from the truth.




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