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Why man lost his fur coat because of evolutionary reasons just to wrap himself in a jacket stolen from animals? This makes no sense! (Giorgio Tsoukalos).



The naked ape



Homo sapiens sapiens is a special appearance. His mind is a mystery, but scientists still must explain the inconsistencies of the human body.


Why do people have so poor body hair? And why is that of women even poorer than that of men? One claims that during evolution humans had a lot to travel through water, but one can also say that some species of monkeys had to do the same and they didnít lost their fur or hair. Another one says that people lost their hair because they began to wear clothes. But why is our hair just growing particular on our heads and around the pubic area? The two body parts that one first would cover? Yet another one says that parasites were to blame. Less hair would result in fewer parasites. But why did people didnít lose their hair where parasites are thriving the best?


That people run on two legs and not on legs and knuckles like an ape, for many, is another mystery. Those who run upright, are slower and expose themselves to injuries of the abdomen. Besides a serious wound of one leg and escape is excluded. By the way, people seem to walk very straight upward ... a little too much of a bad thing if you ask us.


Why the narrow pelvis of so many women is unsuitable to give birth? Itís something nowhere seen in nature. Is their pelvis so narrow because our distant ancestors had another way of baring children? Did they had sort of incubators. (It would be only one of so many things we are reinventing today).


Why humans are the only species that produce emotional tears. And why women do this four times more than men? Conscious emotions and the soul have a narrow bond. Some scientists are trying to prove that apes and elephants also have emotional tears, but their tears are negligible compared to people (just like their soul is negligible). It seems that the evolution of the soul and the evolution of conscious emotions are linked. And the difference between animals and humans concerning those two features is immense. Too immense.


Extreme Makeover


People will be fully remodeled in the future. Extraterrestrials at a certain time in the past did the same. One would say that with 'Extreme Makeover' history will repeat itself ... for the umpteenth time (Just like we repeat ourselves ...).


People from Tibet and Nepal who lived in timeless separation all believe in the same creation story. It is a story that sounds familiar to us. Gods descended from heaven. They made an upright, hairless human with a pale skin Ö a human indescribable cleverer than all other living creatures on earth Ö