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Why the Apollo program stopped? The marsbase



Something that also bothers us: Why they are now preparing a marsbase? Where is the so long expected and necessary moonbase? Note that many important men forty years ago stressed that there would be a moonbase in a few years after the first moon landing. A moonbase that would serve so many objectives ...


Now there seems to hide a rabbit in the hat:


Up to the marsbase.


Priceless studies will demonstrate that a marsbase makes a moonbase no priority. Very good seen by our real rulers. So one will stop complaining about a moonbase. That we should have had luxury lodgings on the moon already -based on plans from 1969- they seem to be forgotten. And that Mars is about 58 million kilometers away (shortest road, the longest is 400 million kilometers) seems to be excluded from the scope of the discussion (the moon is at a stone's throw of 384.000 kilometers). And, best scenario, even if Mars has a lot more to offer us -something we don't see- then the moon must still be a priority. Not only to us but to every scientist who respects science.


Screening of the Martian surface goes on for a while yet, because you never know. But it seems to look good. Signals from the media are positive. As we said: Maybe a lot of scientists will have difficulties to understand why the moon is suddenly of so little importance. So one rabbit may not be enough. But then again maybe our real rulers have had enough time to take some precautions. Maybe they cleaned up the moon or they have located ‘safe heavens’ on the moon. We don’t know for sure of course.


One thing is for sure: those who will candidate for president or leader of a great organization better not speak about building a moonbase. At least for some time to come. Media will criticize them without mercy, and citizens, as usual, will follow.