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Why the Apollo program stopped? The prestige hoax



It's incredible that many of us still believe that the space race had everything to do with prestige. And it's remarkable that one now says that with the first man on the moon the race was over, while all prior statements revealed the moonbase was the goal. It was the absolutely necessary step for all further developments.


One of the many examples that prove the determination: June 1969: Prototypes of the NERVA Motors run at full speed. Cheering on all seats. The purpose of the incredibly powerful nuclear rocket engines was clear: 'First the moon, and within 15 years we visit Mars.' September 1969: A study group around president Nixon confirms the plans for a trip to Mars. Doubt is nowhere to be found. The moonbase would be the perfect launch platform.


Until suddenly NASA's turned a blind eye to the moon. ‘We never have taken a moonbase and a journey to Mars seriously.' Now that we have won the race, we can better use our money for something else.'


If that was not a lie, we will still eat our shoe ...


Everyone, of course, may have his own thoughts, but we are convinced that stopping manned moon landings had nothing to do with money, prestige, safety ... Vasily Mishin, who in 1966 after the death of his mentor Korolev had taken over leadership of the Soviet missions: 'I don't understand it, we were so close!' If he was speaking the truth, he was certainly no real leader of this world. The reason for the Soviets to stop: 'We have not won the race. We can use our money for other things.'


One shoe is enough.


Our conviction: The moon landings were stopped because the mother of all conspiracy is right: We are genetically engineered ape-like creatures.