Brain - Divine consciousness




The Milky Way express




Left: a photo of a brain cell, right: an image of the universe (source: www.visualcomplexity.com).


We see the neurons in the brain as the miniature galaxies of the universe (link Youtube) (The Divine Brain). White lights we see as electrical signals (information carriers or 'plasma bulbs') between those neurons. In the fragment you may see what we mean.


Is our brain part of the Divine Brain?


'Dare to think the unthinkable' is a statement of, among others, the British author Douglas Adams.


We fully agree with him.


Sometimes the lights disappear into a black hole in the center of a neuron, after which they pop up again in another region. Sometimes they stay visible on their way in the micro Galaxy ...



Religion and science remind us that body and soul can exist apart of each other. However, in our solar system (that reaches as far as the Oort Cloud) the God particle (again the other mysterious particle than the one of mister Higgs) needs a body to grow. Even on the planet our creators came from, that body was needed. Based on what great thinkers from Plato to Steven Hawking have said, We will go a -logical- step further.


Life in some other 'solar systems' (even in our Milky Way) is possibly evolved into the highest life form: the God particles are not trapped in bodies, but live in a common plasma sphere (UFO). They feed on electromagnetism and travel through wormholes between these systems.


You know we believe that we have to live our life in a love-giving way to strenghten our soul.