EVA WAS EERST Human hybrids in prehistoric times - animal DNA - ancient times



The gods degenerated in the end



Genetic manipulations are not some recent invention. They are old knowledge.


Today scientists mix human with animal DNA and are transplanting the head of one animal on the body of another. It seems absurd, but it takes place. Can they transplant an animal's head on the body of a man, or a man's head on the body of an animal? We donít know for sure, but if they cannot do it today, then certainly tomorrow.


Already at the time of the first cave paintings there are people depicted as if they were a combination of a human and an animal. Finds from Western Europe, Turkey (including in GŲbekli Tepe), Sumer, Egypt, and many other (holy) places, suggest that in prehistoric times someone has experimented with humans and animals.



Approximately 30,000 years old, one of the oldest art ever: the lion man (now it seems to be a lion woman) (Photo: Wikipedia)



Cave paintings from southern France that are thousands of years older than the mega disasters: the magician, half a human, half an animal.



A god from ancient Sumer.



While the great Sphinx is a lion with the head of a man, the body of Horus and Anubis, have respectively, the head of a falcon and a jackal.



Pseudo scientists note that the oldest images may have been a reality before the mega disasters. And after the mega disasters there may have been pictures of beings where only some kind of people (priests) still knew about by secret knowledge.


Fantasy of mankind is inexhaustible. So in later times masses of creatures came only out of imagination, but those are of no concern here.


Although one still catches the eye.



The Moon Goddess Isis, with or without wings, symbol of the good, Baphomet, a hybrid figure with penis, breasts, wings and the head of a goat, a symbol of evil, the devil. Also the devil had his worshipers, templars and apparently some masons. Note that Baphomet [in our eyes a degenerated god] find himself between two moons. With his male, left arm, he points to a black moon underneath, with his female right arm, to a white moon above. As if Baphomet, who seems to be sitting on the globe is a crossbreed between two worlds.



Those who put the images of hybrids next to the ancient texts, get even more the impression that the gods experimented with human and animal DNA. Given their knowledge and the fact that our geniuses are at the moment doing exactly the same, it's not a surprise to us. Countless drawings of people and animals with mixed features of humans and animals, however, show that they made an experimental little zoo here on earth. All in all we think a mistake. And apparently the gods thought the same.


Eugene M. McCarthy is a world authority on hybridization and has his own meaning about the origins of humans. It speaks for itself that he doesnít mention any extraterrestrial intervention because if he did, he would be named a pseudo scientist ... although heís already mentioned by some as being one. Itís very not done to say that there is a remarkable genetic and even physical similarity between humans, apes and pigs.


Mr McCarthy tries to explain this by scientific means but by doing so he meets so much resistance that he will have to lower his profile or maybe later he ends up fully in the corner of pseudo scientists.


Of course the extraterrestrial intervention would explain everything, but this is out of the question.


Did the gods fought nuclear wars at the end of the degeneration process? We think so. There are written as well as geographical indications about that, but nothing that is accepted as proof. Our real leaders would never accept some proof of an ancient nuclear war. Of course also here a revelation would mean chaos, and a hunt for extraterrestrial knowledge without any scruples. People would lose their religion and so many other chaotic things would happen. Robert Oppenheimer, father of the atomic bomb, kind of expert of the Sanskrit language answered in a cryptic way when a student asked him if this was the first explosion of an atomic bomb: 'Yes it was the first in modern times'.


Note: We have all respect for the makers of the series Ďancient aliensí but we were there long before the series started. So donít suspect us that we have copied them. We know that on the internet almost everything must have been said. But be sure that we are thinking for ourselves. When we refer to the series it's because they are better in explaining something than we are.


We say it time and time again: a lot of things we are doing today have been done before the Flood.