EVA WAS EERST Gods lived underground in caves or tunnels - hollow earth theory



The gods lived underground



Let's for a moment pretend we are members of an extraterrestrial race that encounters Planet Earth. Our planet of birth would without any doubt be completely different from Earth.


Earth has an hostile atmosphere. Moreover, gravity, viruses, bacteria and all other killer animals small and big would certainly make it very difficult for us.


Even though we have robots, we would be reckless enough to set foot on Earth ... but not without protection. (Who knows if our protective clothing would differ much from today's spacesuits.)


We would quickly disappear again and launch our spaceship to the nearby sterile planet to build a base. Why? Because thatís simply a matter of common sense. The sterile moon offers a far better protection to an alien life form than Earth.


But living on the moon is not our main objective. We want to visit Earth. Therefore we must replace our consciousness in a living creature on Earth. By doing so we would erase all earth problems.


Otherwise, itís not so far sought when some say that transplantation of consciousness is nearby. Google can help you discover that. Itís no more than one of the next mega steps in our history.


By the way the gods could have had multiple reasons to transplant their soul in an earthly being: maybe -like Sitchin said- they looked for gold to save their home planet, or maybe they were just inquisitive, or they were driven by the thought to give consciousness as much changes to survive in the universe as possible ...


Of course the gods had to experiment with life on earth to find the most appropiate creatures that would meet their demands. Notice that, among other things, the urge to investigate -in this case concerning genetic engineering- seems to be encoded in our genes. Our geniuses are having a hard time to control themselves because laws and ethical rules are preventing them to do what in some cases they want to do.


We arrive at the content of this chapter:


What if the gods were used to live underground on their home planet? To be honest: Also on planet Earth itís not such a bad idea to live underground and that for several reasons, but thatís not our point now.


Caves play an overwhelming role in myths about gods and goddesses in ancient times.


- the Isis Temple and pyramid (the great pyramid is known as the home of Isis): pyramids in itself seem already huge caves but next to and under the pyramids there are a lot of caverns;

- Quetzalcoatl, in the myths of the Aztecs, visits those who have survived the great flood. They were living in caves;

- Jesus is born not in a stable but in a cave;

- Maria is worshipped in a cave (Lourdes), not because she appeared to Bernadette, but because the Vatican wanted it so. The Vatican that might contain a few true leaders of this world. Leaders who are very prudent but sometimes they give us a little hint;

- Mari of the Basque, maybe the oldest mother goddess, lived in a cave;

- some say: the word that is used for the Ka'aba in Mecca actually comes from the word that means cave (Kubaba);

- all ancient religions, yes also in Hinduism and Brahmanisme: caves and gods are frequently used in the same sentence;

- caves are in the immediate vicinity of Gobekli Tepe, Stonehenge, Teotihuacan etc.

- why so many caves seem to have been ancient cities? Of course some civilizations could have used and reformed them, but we think those underground cities were occupied long before the so-called civilizations existed;

- the characters in The Coming Race from Bulwer-Lytton lived in a cave that had an own climate.

- on the moon are a great number of caves that, according to Ďpseudo scientistsí, once were inhabited by the gods;

- the oldest works of art deep underground: discovered in caves;

- the nazi expeditions in underground caves in Tibet;

The hollow earth theory we think, is not what some of us made of it. Earth is not hollow in the literal sense, but the gods lived in caves, and Earth has many caves. So in some way planet Earth is a little bit hollow.


Nazi's searched for extraterrestrial knowledge (of course they didn't made all their efforts just to prove their were descendants of the gods). They made the USA untouchable. In fact the USA made herself untouchable by operation Paperclip.


Nazi's were looking everywhere for extraterrestrial knowledge, they searched in ancient texts for the hollow earth theory, they investigated the unexplainable existence of the moon so nearby Earth, they looked for UFO's. They searched in all directions. In fact they knew something we don't know.


If they had been given enough time they surely would have ruled the world now.