EVA WAS EERST End of the world - Polaris - Isaac Newton - precession - Zecharia Sitchin


Note that we are fairly sure something really big will not hit us ...


End of the world



We are not afraid (only a little bit) that the world will end one of these decennia because we believe our real leaders have the technology to save humankind.


Our real rulers found the knowledge to make this technology on the moon (and in some places here on earth).


It will not surprise us if tomorrow –tomorrow so to speak- first a global panic breaks out because astronomers see a giant comet coming, after which the president of the United States (who first has to be informed by the real powers who rule this world) MUST declare that they have sufficient equipment to protect us.


It would be fairly normal if the gods left us everything we need on the moon 'the guardian of the Earth'. And it would be fairly stupid to believe, in a time where tourists speak about going to the moon, that the real rulers do not have the means to put some equipment on the moon. Why on earth the gods would have created a new species by transplanting their soul in a genetically engineered body to let that species perish (almost perish/hinder their evolution) by the first quite common striking comet?


Read: The gods possessed (among other things) the technology to divert comets. They left it (among other things) on the moon. They knew evolution would bring most advanced people to the point they were able to reach the moon before the first dangerous comet would strike the earth. So, our by the real powers of this world, 'selected geniuses', could update and even improve their technology.


Earth's axis wobbles a bit. The steady change in the orientation of the axis of rotation of the Earth describes a circle that takes 26.000 years to complete. This is called precession. These days the axis points to Polaris, one of the brightest stars of the circle of precession.


The pyramids refer to the real north. No doubt about that. Gobekli Tepe even seems to point to Polaris, just like The Georgia Guidestones. It is almost impossible if the ancients knew about precession. But it looks like they did. And it looks as if they were warning us ... just like the gods did ...


There has been so much emphasis on Polaris in ancient times that we are sure there must be something special with it. Of course the star for a long time is the guide to the north, but there is more than that. We think in ancient Egypt times she was called the tail of the jackal Anubis, the god of death and companion of Isis.


Polaris, Pleiades, Sirius, Orion, the big and the little dipper …. They all have something to do with precession (one example: Orion goes just once up and down in the circle of precession during +/- 26.000 years).


Admitted, it looks far sought, but Polaris could be an alarming point of a gigantic clock driven by the earth itself.


There are enough scientists who contradict the claim the moon has something to do with precession, so precession could always have been there, unchanged. But it is not impossible the gods manipulated the earth's axis some 12.000 year ago. Although we hope that they have put everything back in place again. How and when they did it is not so important. But surely they had the means to do it. We think they warned us for Polaris and we also believe our real rulers are aware of those warnings.


Keep in mind that we are making us little illusion that you will believe us ... but maybe Nikola Tesla would have believed us ... who knows?


Comets -comet ISON is not the first and not the last in a long row- will follow one after another … and they will miss us. Other catastrophes won’t eliminate us. But be sure that our children will have to suffer a little bit more than we do.


We never said an unknown planet will enter our solar system -like Sitchin did- but there are more -yet unknown- big heavenly bodies following an elliptical orbit around the sun. In short: a comet or another catastrophe could hit earth, and there are indications that this happens every 26.000 years.


- The Toba volcano eruption in Indonesia: approximately 75.000 years ago (somewhere between 70,000 and 80,000 years) obliged humanity to go through a bottleneck. By the way: We think Homo sapiens must have gone through a bottleneck many times, this in contrast to the Homo sapiens sapiens who only had to go through a bottleneck once (about 12.000 years ago). Since then, multiplication has been super fast.


- The Taupo eruption in New Zealand: around 26,000 years ago: Humanity went through a bottleneck (again).


One would hope that they skip sometimes.


- But no: 50,000 years ago: an extinction scenario. Large groups of mammals died out suddenly for some reason. It is probably no coincidence that the best preserved meteorite crater on earth is about 50,000 years old.


Obvious that it is difficult to figure out what exactly has happened so long ago, let alone to come up with an exact date, but it seems that every 26.000 years something big is coming our way to hit us really bad. (Admitted: There are minor catastrophes in the meantime).


More catastrophes are happening ... not so strange that many believe the apocalypse is near. An apocalypse that is -by the way- predicted to happen in the beginning of this millennium ...


Predicted by myths, prophets, so-called pseudo scientists, by geniuses like Isaac Newton, great men like Martin Luther, a freemason, even a Rosicrucian ... It's true, the end of the world has been predicted so many times and those predictions appeared to be wrong. But that the beginning of this millennium is named by so many in the past is remarkable.


We still have one degree to go before we pass the closest point near Polaris. And it takes 72 years to pass one degree. However, since precession goes slowly, the disaster period could take a few hundred years. So December 21, 2012 was not an exact date (of course not). It is the day of the winter solstice. For the Maya's it could have been a day to announce a starting disaster period.



A mysterious connection we are not allowed to know?


Polaris seems to have been very famous in ancient Egypt, although the star must have been difficult to see in those times.