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Blockchain and globalization



At this very moment our real leaders are ‘using’ mathematicians and computer experts to create a new era of global payment. The technology is based on 'The Blockchain'. We cannot write about it much because we only understand the basics. We think cryptocurrencies are like paper money. In fact paper money has no more value than the value of the paper. It's the value given by authorities that make them a powerful and stable tool. But why do cryptocurrencies have value? It must have to do with supply and demand. But as long as the government does not give any guaranty to them cryptocurrencies remain just a pipe dream. So we think -conspiracy minded as we are- that behind the 'making' and 'marketing' of blockchain and cryptocurrencies hide our real leaders.


Will cryptocurrencies become the new banknote? We do think so. But not before they are backed by the world authorities. And maybe banks will become the new 'miners'. If not banks would disappear and that would definitely have an impact too big to overcome ...


Today there are still a lot of issues to overcome before the new era can start. But we think our real leaders already have all the solutions. First they let criminals and (a pity) ordinary greedy people make and lose a lot of money.



Fact is: Just like the internet, the blockchain technology will speed up globalization (among other things).



By the way: Did our creators used money? We don’t know, off course we don't. But they were mathematicians … That’s for sure …



Cryptocurrencies are the future.



Update: June 2015